There is nothing like the pain lactic acid causes in muscles. Its like that pain you get from clicking your knuckles, it hurts but feels good. I hadn’t felt The Pain (as lactic acid build up will be known as henceforth) in a long time as I got into my bootcamp groove. Then 3 weeks ago I got flu, and usually I am the die-hard type, if people say to me go see a doctor or take some meds then I’m all like… I’ll tough it out, but this time I medicated myself to the point of addiction, and still there are some flu bits hanging on like that fat kid in the candy store after closing time, or that drunk guy wanting to pick up the juke box after last call.

Exercise, sick, bad time

Too much time on 9GAG!!

As most of you probably know, exercise while sick is a bad idea, so I didn’t do anything apart from walk for 2 weeks. It was the longest 2 weeks of my life, no bootcamp, no netball, NOTHING!!! Tuesday I felt exactly why I dreaded being sick… well from Tuesday. EVERYTHING HURTS! The Pain has infiltrated every muscle in my upper arms and legs. Defenses where smashed to pieces in a matter of hours. We did a crap load of leg exercises, squats (with and without medicine ball), lunges, ball slams (slam 7kg ball onto floor hard enough for it to bounce and squat as you pick it up mid bounce), thrusters (also some type of squat with 7kg ball) and my good friend – burpees. Wednesday I played netball, my legs barely worked, yesterday some more squats and lunges and ball slams and loads of push ups. The Pain makes my boobs feel like they are going to break off! (theres a picture for ya… yikes)

Also I needed to make this…

i'll have you know, spongbob, faint

at least 5 times…

I think it explains what happened. I went straight into the same routine as before, and I was out the gate like a bang, but then I crashed… HARD! Lightheaded and seeing stars, not the Crazytown type either, out of breath, doing less that the others there. I would like to make a personal petition to God and ask that He please protect me from EVER getting sick again… EVER!!! Now you all say AMEN with me.

Soak in this…

This post has been on my heart for a few weeks now and I finally came to the point where I am writing it… as you could probably gather from some of my previous posts I love worship music. I don’t call it gospel cos to me it has a different meaning. In my mind gospel means a choir with some extra vocal ladies belting out Amazing Grace. In all fairness, Amazing Grace is a… well… amazing song.

Worship music to me is the stuff that makes you see your interpretation of who God, Jesus and Spirit is in front of you , worship is what makes you sing your heart out to them, what stirs your heart, what brings heaven down to earth, what makes you escape into God’s house for however long it lasts.

So on that note here is my list of worship songs that do just that for me:

1) Come Away – Chris Qualala (Album: Jesus Culture – Come Away)

This song as far as I know was written by someone on a beach in the US while in a prayer meeting, it is meant as a song from God to us. It’s His invitation to us to go on a journey with Him, to be intimate with Him. This song builds and builds and builds and the words…

“Come away with me, come away with me.  It’s gonna be wild, it’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be full of Me”

…are so awesome. Off course anything with God would be wild and great and full of His glory and grace.

2) How He Loves Us – John Mark McMillan (Album: John Mark McMillan – The Song Inside the Sounds of Breaking Down)

I think most people recognise this song because of Kim Walker singing it during the Jesus Culture: We Cry Out conference and I had some trouble deciding whether to put her version or the original artist’s on this list. I put the original one here because of the back story and where John Mark cries (around the 6:26 mark), it makes the song so much more real. You can go read the full story here but this is the just of it:  There was a guy who was in a prayer meeting and he said to God that if his death could move a generation towards God then he would give his life. That night he died in a car accident and the next day John Mark wrote this song. He was John Mark’s best friend. Please read this post I just found about it before you listen to the song.

3) God I Look to You – Jenn Johnson (Album: Be Lifted High – Bethel Live)

This is like a declaration from the deepest saddest part of our hearts. That’s how I feel. The first time I heard it was at worship practice a few years ago, I was going through some rough times and I was not in the right place with God in my heart and I didn’t want to be at worship practice at all, I felt rebellious and then this song came on as a new song to be practiced. I broke down for the entire song. Ever since then it has never stopped influencing me.

4) For the Sake of the World – Brian Johnson (Album: For the Sake of the World – Bethel)

This is that prayer that I feel we all should be praying. “For the sake of the world burn like a fire in me, light a flame in my soul for all the world to see.” This is what we were made for; this is why we are here. To bring glory to God and to take that glory and shine it in the darkness! Matthew 28:18-20 – “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

5) Waiting Here for You – Martin Smith & Kim Walker (Album: Live from New York – Jesus Culture (Disc 1))

Breaks me down EVERY TIME!!! Sometimes when this song starts on my play list and I can’t give it all my attention then I skip it. I feel like I would be cheating God if it’s just playing in the background, without me entering into His presence. Every time I hear it I see myself standing in the Throne Room while God is out doing something, and I’m in the middle standing singing “waiting here for You, with my hands lifted high, in praise. Singing hallelujah.”  And then He comes and we have a good time.

6) Oceans (Feet may Fail) – Hillsong United (Album: Zion – Hillsong United)

I have no words for this song, right from the get go I get goose bumps, and then it just intensifies!! The woman sings it so beautifully and the words are so amazing. Like I say, no words.

7) Revelation Song – Kari Jobe (Album: Let the Future Begin – Passion 2013)

Let it be known that if you asked me what I thought of Kari Jobe last year I would say, “Meh, she’s ok, I don’t like the way she sings the Revelation Song, I much prefer how Kim Walker sings it.” Now, I HAVE to take all that back. This song (as I stated in a previous post) is awesome in every sense of the word. It carries you through your own pain and feelings of worthlessness straight to God’s feet; it helps you remember – oh yes, Seek first the Kingdom of God!

8) Obsession – Chris Qualala (Album: Consumed – Jesus Culture)

This song is at the end simply because it is the last song on Consumed. Now to completely understand my heart behind this song you need to at least watch the video without distraction, really give it all your attention… The end of this song is what makes it so amazing. But even more, when you watch the DVD of Consumed, this song just ends the DVD on such a high note. I can’t explain what happens to my heart in human words… I think only Holy Spirit knows, probably cos He is doing it.

If you have reached this point in the post I wanna say thanx for plowing ahead… I know it’s a long post. I hope you enjoyed it. Do yourself a favour and put all these songs on a nonstop list and spend some time just soaking in the music and God’s presence.

Friends vs HIMYM

I know that there are probably LOADS of posts and stuff floating around on the web about the similarities of Friends and How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)… AAAAAND I don’t care. I want to have my time in the so-called lime light, by stating some cool similarities that I noticed all by my lonesome!

Friends, HIMYM

My opinion… nothing beats Friends.

There are a few similarities, like how both shows are in New York, both shows have time flash backs, in both shows at least one of the characters move away for a while, in both shows 2 of the characters are better friends with each other than the rest (Ted & Marshall – HIMYM, Chandler & Ross – Friends), in both shows at least 2 of the main characters marry each other, in both shows the characters constantly live with each other eg.

  • In Friends, Rachel lives with Monica, then Phoebe, then Joey and then Ross. Ross lives with Joey and Chandler and then with Rachel, Chandler lives with Joey and then with Monica, Phoebe lives with Monica and then with Rachel.
  • In HIMYM, Ted lives with Marshall and Lily then lives with Robin, Lily lives with Marshall and Ted, then lives with a raccoon (come on, you know I had to) then lives with Barney, Robin lives with Ted after living with 5, yes! that FIVE, dogs.

And some more…


  • In Friends its the couch and or bar stools and chairs around said couch in The Central Perk.
  • In HIMYM its mostly one booth in MacLaren’s Pub, but varies to different spots during the show.
Friends, HIMYM



  • In Friends Chandler never hides his occupation, the other characters just never remember what he does.
  • In HIMYM Barney just goes “Please!” when asked what work he does, so far I still don’t know what he does.


  • In Friends S10E01 – Precious is Mike’s girlfriend and Phoebe tells her that Mike is back with her… all of this happens on her birthday.
  • In HIMYM S01E04 – Ted tries to make it work with his previous girlfriends, one of which is Natalie, a girl he dumped 3 years earlier… on her birthday. She gives him another chance and he soon realises that he has to break up with her, which he does… on her birthday. AGAIN!
Anne Dudek



  • In Friends we all know her by her erm… lovely… laugh and that disturbing OH. MY. GWAD. Yes, it’s Janice.
  • In HIMYM S03E07 she is the estate agent, Margaret. (Yes, you kinda think she’s gonna drop an  OH. MY. GWAD. in there at some point)
Maggie Wheeler



  • In Friends Rachel dates 2 of the other main characters – Ross and Joey
  • In HIMYM Robin dates 2 of the other main characters – Ted and Barney

*Side note: both of them have strict, scary fathers…


Friends, HIMYM



Chandler & Monica

  • Run off to Las Vegas to get married quick – doesn’t happen.
  • Eventually does get married, and Joey conducts it.
  • Move to the suburbs after getting hitched.
  • They have trouble getting pregnant.

Ross & Rachel

  • Date on and off throughout the show.


Marshall & Lily

  • Run off to Atlantic City to get married quick – doesn’t happen.
  • Eventually does get married, and Barney conducts it.
  • Get given a house in the suburbs and eventually move there
  • They have trouble getting pregnant… in the beginning.

Ted & Robin

  • Date on and off throughout the show.

Those are the ones I can remember now, I’m sure there are waaaayyy more… so feel free to enlighten me.

PS. I have since written another VS post. You can carry on reading about similarities HERE.