I HATE my body…

… at the moment. I hate the fact that it picks up weight so dang quick, I hate that NO ONE sees it but me (and my older brother… who has gives 0 fucks about notifying me that “hey, those jeans sit a tad too snug”). No one seeing it is a problem for me, because I am a social person, I feed off of the energy of others (LEECH). I also like honesty, I want people to feel that they can say to me, “Don’t you think you have had enough cake?“. I might growl at you but that’s ok. Tell me anyway, seriously. I HATE this woman stereotype thing that’s going round… NEVER ask a woman how much she weighs and NEVER tell her she looks larger than before. Treat me as a human, that you respect enough not to lie to… even if it’s with good intentions. I’m not suicidal, and I won’t punch you for agreeing with me.

this is about how harmful I would be...

This is about how harmful I would be.

This politically correct thing is what’s wrong. People being too afraid to speak their mind and say “Oi, fuck you”. Ok maybe that’s too much. I feel like a 1st grade teacher saying this, but for example: If I make a statement like – “I have picked up weight”. NOTE: It’s not a question, I have done my research, I remember the glimmering days of my youth when I used to weigh less than a pro rugby player. I have climbed onto the scale and it indicated a weight that was significantly more than it used to be, which leads to me stating that I have picked up weight. SOOO, you saying, “No, you haven’t”, is bullshit. I didn’t ask you, I told you. If you feel like I don’t look like I gained then just say, “you still look fine to me“. Or some shit like that. However, if you agree with me, then say that, tell me, “yes, you have picked up weight, tone it down. Stop eating everything”. Don’t try be nice. I’m obviously a big girl that can deal with your honesty. OR, run away because obviously I am an eating machine and you might be next. Also, don’t say, “at least you are tall, so you don’t see that you’ve picked up”. You wanna know what I hear? “Bitch, stop whining, you could be short, like me”

Bet no one tells Taylor that!!

Bet no one tells Taylor that!!

I don’t know how other tall girls feel about this (so tell me in the comments… duh) but to me, being tall is something I can’t work on. Something I was born with, that I love, and don’t want it associated with the excess weight, which I hate (hey, that rhymes). I didn’t go have Dr. 90210 inject giraffe blood into my knees so that I would grow. NO, this is all an “in-my-genes” (and jeans) thing. I can’t change that.

Not my family... Found it on themetapicture.com

Not my family… Found it on themetapicture.com

Back to it, I HATE weighing enough to be a pro rugby player… in the MEN’s team. I hate my clothes not fitting me well and that I feel ugh in everything. I hate how I have back pain from bra’s not fitting properly because of extra weight. I hate how I can’t get a handle on the situation and it feels like I am swimming on the edge of a massive whirlpool of endless KFC zingerwings and cheese. Wanna know what I hate most of all? The fact that I am (STILL) whining about it, writing this post and being just another girl with body issues. I have a shit load of confidence tho so, me and my fat surprisingly firm ass will get our act together soon. Hopefully!

Just to finish of, a few things you should know regarding this post:

Its a rant, a personal, from myself, rant, sooo…

Just... DON'T!

Just… DON’T!

Oh and YES I know I swore a lot… meh.

United we shall stand… when??

The human race is fickle!! Why? We are all a bunch of draadsitters, stuck on the fence because we have ZERO confidence in our own ability to stick with something through thick and thin.  Sure that if we make a decision then a better option will come along and we will regret it. Taking no risks, having no faith. Ready to judge those who are putting themselves out there, making something of their lives, getting off the fence and changing the world, or, you know, the channel because who has the time to sit and watch Keeping up with the Kardashians reruns ALL FECKING DAY! Now, if that was F.R.I.E.N.D.S then you would sukkel to get me away from the TV. Just leave me some ammo, a little water, some chips if you have em, and I’ll be fine. Maybe come flip me over every 5 hours, so I don’t get bedsores…


That’s nasty… I know.

Recently, after the Cricket World Cup 2015 Semi-Finals, I read a blog post over at Bloggsy Malone regarding the shitty behaviour of the South African fans after we lost to New Zealand. I thought about it again after watching a rugby match this weekend. Dave Luis, the writer of this masterpiece (my opinion) is hitting something much bigger than a love for cricket or even sport. This is the nature of the human race. No undying support, no loyalty… and we wonder why the divorce rate is so high…

That's dang scary...

That’s dang scary…

Sitting in a stadium watching 2 local rugby teams in the Super 15, not being a supporter of either team but rather a supporter of the sport in itself, I was amazed at the animosity from the fans not only to one another, but to the players on the field. These pro-athletes, that dedicate their lives to give you the sport that you love, the entertainment you so clearly need in your dull, below-average life. Yet, just because he wears a different jersey than the team you support,  you see it fit to boo him while he kicks a penalty, a time of intense pressure, ignoring the SHHH signs.

Here is an excerpt out of Are We Sports Fans, Or Bullies? (in case you were too lazy to go read it):

We are not fans. We are bullies. Angry, hateful bullies hiding behind keyboards, safe in our digital anonymity, knowing we’ll never have to account for how we made another human being feel after they gave it their best, and still lost.

Our intense pride melts like butter before the blowtorch in the face of a loss. We cannot truly call ourselves supporters. We are fickle cheerleaders at best.

I have nothing against having a preferred team and maybe having a friendly row with another fan because their team is not as strong as your team. That’s fine. But when you sit at home, stuffing your face with cake and biltong, with a beer can balanced on your ninth belly, roaring advice to the best athletes in the world, then I have a problem. You can’t say jack-shit, you would pass out running for a try from the 22 line, so shut up.

Nothing like watching a game live...

Nothing like watching a game live…

I think South Africa is in a critical phase, especially with sport, it unites race, religion, culture. With 2 world cups this year, shouldn’t we be building these super-athletes up? Want, môre, oormôre dra hy ‘n Springbok trui. And then you cheer with all your might and pray to the rugby gods that the boo’s you threw at him just a few months ago didn’t chip away too much of this self-confidence and that he makes the critical game-winning kick. When that same player than you hated just yesterday pulls that Springbok rugby jersey over his head and stands in England representing your country, you will proudly stand and sing,

Sounds the call to come together and united we shall stand. Let us live and strive for freedom, in South Africa our land

Yes, united we shall stand till you lose, then we will all turn against you!!

Wow... until they come and beat you over the head with a bat!! But they won't because they will carry on training and being a better human being.

Wow… until they come and beat you over the head with a bat!! But they won’t because they will carry on training and being a better human being.

Heaven forbid our Springboks miss one tackle, or one line-out goes bad, or one dropkick is 0.2 degrees out. Then we all throw down, grab our phones and let the social media sites feel the wrath of the millions of “supporters” doing stuff all to represent their country. Having the arrogance and audacity to call these players faders and chokers… Even if they win, “ook maar net-net”, “They could have had a better score if this didn’t happen or if this player made that one tackle”

Sometimes, being a South African is shit! Having to share oxygen with a bunch of people who want change, but sit back and do f*#? all to bring it about.

I agree with Dave Luis… we aren’t fans, we are bullies.