Friends vs HIMYM 2.0

In August of 2013 (yes, THAT long ago) I wrote a post about the similarities between the AMAZING sitcom Friends and the less amazing (but still amazing) How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). I would advise you to go read the first one HERE before reading any further. If you have read the first one, then come along. Mind your head and don’t step on the dog.

Friends, HIMYM

Here we go again!!

The more I watch these shows the more similarities I stumble upon, and why should I keep this vital information to myself!! That’s just not fair! So, here are some more similarities I have noticed:
How we shared? a mother??

  • Throughout Friends, we see Monica and Ross’ mother played by Christina Pickles, it just so happens that Christina Pickles plays Lily’s grandmother in HIMYM. She does not play such a big recurring role but we first see her in S05E09.

Christina Pickles

  • Sticking with the mom’s… in Friends, Mike’s mom is played by Christine Rose who also plays Ted’s mom in HIMYM. Is there a possibility that Mike and Ted are brothers?! WHAT!

Christine Rose

Oh, Professor!!

  • In Friends, Ross starts out working as a palaeontologists at a museum. But in S06E04 Ross does his first guest lecture at New York University, which turns into a full time gig as a professor at the university.
  • Ross then goes on to date one of his students.

Thanks to Ted, I will forever know how to spell PROFESSOR!

  • In HIMYM, Ted starts out as an architect, then he tries his hand at having his own firm for a bit, which didn’t work. Then in S05E01, Ted gave his first lecture at Columbus University as… you guessed it, a professor.
  • Ted then goes on to date one of his students.

*Side note: Both Ross and Ted start off a bit rocky. Ross, by pretending to be British and Ted, by teaching the wrong class.

  • In Friends, anytime that Ross mentioned dinosaur or bones or talks about his work, the group pretends to fall asleep.
  • In HIMYM, anytime Ted gets excited about “intellectual” things the group makes fart noises so as to interrupt him.


  • In Friends, Phoebe makes these er… interesting art pieces that Rachel then uses to scare Joey. Phoebe thinks her art is amazing yet the rest of the group obviously does not agree.


  • In HIMYM, Lily also does weird art things, even goes away to learn about art. Again, the group does not share in her enthusiasm about her craft.

Life after

  • Jennifer Aniston, who plays Rachel in Friends, has gone on to act in many many movies. Movies such as Horrible Bosses 1 & 2, We’re the Millers, Bounty and more.
  • Cobie Smulders, who plays Robin in HIMYM, has also spread her wings in the film industry with major roles in the Avengers movies, there are plenty more but I feel once you hit a Marvel movie you have made it!

The reason this is fitting to this post is as in my first Friends vs HIMYM post I pointed out the similarities between Rachel and Robin.

I still have to finish watching the HIMYM series (yes, I know, I just get busy, ok?) but once I do that, I am sure I will see many more similarities.

Any that I may have missed? Lemme know in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “Friends vs HIMYM 2.0

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  2. Friends : When heading to Atlantic city Phoebe starts labour. When Marshall and Barney head to Atlantic city, Lily starts labour. Looked at all the Friends vs HIMYM comparisons online and didn’t see anyone post. But then again it isn’t exactly parallel but still a funny similarity 🙂


  3. Oh! Also in both they have a regular who works where they hangout and they don’t know his last name. In Friends they have Gunther. In himym they have Carl.

    AND Chandler and Marshall both can’t take a good picture.

    And, both Ted and Ross, the nerdy guys, were with lesbians at one point.


  4. I have a question. What is your name? Not your id name or your internet name or neither your “secret name”!.. i want to know your actual name.


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