Cha Cha Life

I think most South Africans would know this song… go to the more mellow clubs and they will most definitely play this song at least 5 five times. Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, maybe twice at most. It’s one of those easy-to-dance to songs… slide to the left, slide to the right. It’s like a Simon says song, only if you do the wrong move no one notices cos hey, they is all dronk! And when no one notices no one loses… but when you get down to it, everyone loses. Just listen to the song…

…only in a dark dingy dance club smelling of smoke and a hint of George, where you can hear the faint use of colourful words from your mother tongue being used to insult and compliment, would play this song for entertainment. I say all of this, but I frequent these establishments with a big ass… smile on my face. Mostly because it has langarm dancing and you won’t find that while petting the Tiger… that’s not an innuendo. (Filthy minds… pfft) There is a club in Fourways that I love, called Tiger Tiger… need I say more???

This one?? Not so much... Maybe feed him first!

This one?? Not so much… Maybe feed him first!


I’d pet the pelt off of this one…

Ok ok, so getting to the whole point of it…Life is that song, when you think about it, and also when you have been bored for long enough to actually conjure up this idea (OWNAGE). You know, slide to the left, slide to the right, just going with it, going with the motions. Then some poop hits the fan… CRISS CROSS!! Or if you are a guy and something hits you in the nether regions… CRISS CROSS (cartoon character eyes). Then something bad happens, some monetary disaster that freezes all your financial capabilities and makes you kind of back track and start building a good rep from the beginning that would be REVERSE! And then as with all things, the good comes with the bad, those times when you are dancing and singing (and talking to that freaky looking tree growing outside the deserted cemetery you find yourself in). Getting weird looks from innocent onlookers as you skip or run like Phoeboe down the street cos life is a song. Those times would be the CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH times.

Smooth... no! Suave!

Smooth… no! Suave!

But, looking back at the times dancing to the song, it is fun, till that one girl slips and falls. And so it is with life, you go with it, making a dance out of it all because when you look back it was all fun anyways. One quote comes to mind…

Bugs Bunny

“What’s up doc…” he was one smart ass rabbit.

I type all of this while listening to Animals by Martin Garrix because I have standards and I need to balance it all out… AND because that tune is the sh!t!!