Lockdown Challenge #1: Disney taught me that…

This is my first instalment of this fun challenge I started with 2 friends. You can go read about it HERE if you wanted to (DO IT)

Disney taught me that…

Phoenix gave me this to spark my inspiration, to be honest she could not have chosen a better spark. (Granted she does know me pretty well and this was probably premeditated). If Disney was a love language it would be mine along with touch.
I love Disney movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, Flubber, Coyote Ugly, I mean can anyone listen to Pour Some Sugar On Me without wanting to dance on a burning bar?

Do we serve water in this bar?

Yes, these movies are amazing but most of all I LOVE LOVE animated movies.

The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King (of course), these movies are all filled with whimsy, fantasy and just enough reality to make you think about your own life in a certain way. Disney movies teach many lessons and not everyone has the same experience.

Kind of like Biology class in highschool, just after doing a lesson on the male reproductive organ (ahem… PENIS). The guys are 10/10 making jokes, the girls are blushing and there’s always one student who is aiming for an A that asks awkward questions about prostate examinations. Looking at you, Andrew.

Anyway I digress, let’s let that rabbit go.

Down the rabbit hole.

Little Disney reference there for you.

Lets get to it… I’ma share the lessons that Disney taught me (I bet it’s not what you think):

1. My memory is not as shit as I thought.

Anyone who knows me can attest to this next part: my life is a movie quote. I know so many movie quotes that sometimes I forget that what I am saying is a movie quote until I stumble upon it in a movie. It’s not just movies it’s series as well, but that’s not what we are talking about now. (focus, woman). Now if I could harness that brain power in my work and study life I would be a force to reckon with.

2. You are NEVER too old to watch animations

As I’ve mentioned I love animated movies (this included Pixar and Dreamworks… I don’t discriminate).
Animations carry you off to a land far far away. It takes you Under the Sea with only the Bear Necessities so that you can Let It Go, be Part of their World and Be Their Guest.
It’s A Whole New World where you can paint with all the Colours of the Wind.
You might have questions like “When will my Life Begin” or you might find yourself asking someone “Do you Wanna Build a Snowman” but you know in your heart that animations help you Go the Distance and that this is all part of the Circle of Life.
Not gonna lie, I’m rather proud of that, must be because I’ve got a Dream and A Dream is a Wish your Heart makes… okay I’ll stop.

3. All characters in Disney can SING!

I wonder if all these Disney characters went to the Mickey Mouse Club with Britney, Christina and Justin. Look, it makes me want to sing too and for some reason these songs are dang catchy. Have you tried saying “you’re welcome” without a melody since you first watched Moana?

Erm… You are WELCOME. This song be stuck in your head now.

4. Your imagination is important and should be kept active

Ever watched a movie and thought “How cool would it be if that shit could really happen?” Mary Poppins for instance… click your fingers and your room tidies itself. Believe in fairies and you can fly. Carry a heart in a jar of dirt and you are safe from a water dwelling squidface. Disney movies take your imagination on a wild ride. I don’t know about you, but to me the world could use some magic, a little Spoon full of Sugar, a little fairy dust. It’s a bleak wild world out there and that world kills the child inside. As Walt Disney himself once said:

Too true Mr. Disney. Too true.

5. Finally, Disney taught me that your dream is stable if your foundation is stable.

I recently learnt that Walt Disney was a Christian and had a dream that the Magic Kingdom would be a place where people could feel God or encounter his presence. Now I have never been to the Magic Kingdom but I am sure it is amazing. Walt’s dream still lives years after he has passed away, I believe, because his foundation was solid. The Jesus kind of solid and that gives me hope.

What has Disney taught you?

8 thoughts on “Lockdown Challenge #1: Disney taught me that…

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    • Why thank you, I did enjoy it and wanted it to be outside of the box. (none of that *Disney taught me that I don’t need a Prince to kick ass* nonsense haha)


  2. I loved this post, even if I am not an animation fan with talking animals and incessant singing (I did watch Abominable the other day and really enjoyed it! Granted there weren’t any talking animals and singing), I love your points and observations! Great piece of writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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