I am DONE, with step ONE!

Hey, that rhymes…

Stepping stone

This is what I feel my path looks like… uncertain and slightly dangerous.

For the first time since high school (which was a while ago) I have finished something that will better my life. (Hopefully).  I now close the door on my TEFL course and look for the door to my teaching overseas future… and boy, is it intimidating. Just because I have the certificates does not mean that I all of a sudden can hop onto a plane and land in South Korea, Camera, tablet and suitcase in hand, rock up at a school and be like, yo, I can speak and teach English, you got a spot for me? Hmm, maybe I should do that…

To be quite Frank (Cos I don’t wanna be Julie) I am quite scared… I don’t really know which way now, how do I apply for work? Who do I speak to? Am I REALLY finished? Where should I go? How will I even get there? I have nooo cash saved up for a flight. Luckily I don’t have to worry about it too much. My Dad in heaven is in charge and He knows what where when and how. I do have to start moving in some direction or something though.

*Special thank you to the awesome composition of Hans Zimmer in Spirit Stallion of the Cimerron, without which I would probably still have finished but not with the quality of life still in tact. Mr Zimmer, you are a genius and your music soothes my soul and should really be the soundtrack to my life!

If you have any comments or advise lemme know… I am freaking out a weeeee bit. Not a lot, just a little.

Bootcamp… Buttcamp

Have to…

TweeGirls EenBlog

You guys know all about Jane’s workout routine and I thought I would stick to the theme by sharing my workout stuffs with you. I am an in no way one of THOSE!!! Oh you know what type I am talking about. Seriously, type WOD into the search of WordPress and see what comes up. Yeah… anymahoo.

I do bootcamp twice a week for one hour at a time at a private type gym that is fully kitted out for crossfit. This gym is close to Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Ruimsig. Hopefully I will be able to bootcamp 3 times a week as I used to play action netball as well but have had to stop for this year. In my mind bootcamp is the retarded younger sister of Crossfit. Anyone that has actually done Crossfit would probably agree. I USED to think this until I spoke to…

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Weigh-Less Contin.

Go Jane Go!! Loving the progress that you are making…

TweeGirls EenBlog

It’s been a while since I last updated ya’ll on how it’s going with Weigh-Less.

The first week of Step 1 was hard. Really hard. Going from 2 GnTs a night and the odd beer here and there, not to mention all the amazing coffee that Husband supplies me with, to total deprivation sucks the big one. I felt empty, nay bereft! of those things for which I feel real love.

As hard as that sounds, though, it was nothing compared to my first Saturday on WL. You see, Husband and I have this amazing weekend ritual. We ALWAYS start our weekend with the most incredible breakfast. Omelettes, or pancakes, french toast, scrambled egg and bacon, smothered with cheese, syrup, basil leaves, haloumi, olive oil, hot sauce, butter…


But I survived. I maintained my cool, calm aura of self-control. I did not accidentally spill my…

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Century followers!!!

Pied Piper

Follow me… mwuhahahahaaa.

Well, the big 100 has arrived and I would not have been able to get here without all of you guys, so thank you so much.

Also I would like to send a special thank you to Opinionated Man. Thank you for all your tips, you really helped me get here.

Peace out.

Liez xxx

Moving along on 2

Some of you might remember the Wonder-Mobile, my first car and also the first car I had an accident in. After this piece of machinery cost me a pretty packet I sold it saying bye bye to the Wonder-Mobile, and with the help of a best friend’s family got a new car, new in the sense that it’s newly mine. It had been in their family for years. This car’s name is the Green Monster, its the family name I suppose. Now I had no problems with old Greeny, he drove well, had aircon, new radio. You know all was well. Then one day, I blew the engine… I know what you are thinking, didn’t you blow the gasket on the Wonder-Mobile? Why yes I did, thank you Mr Smartypants. But as I have learnt the hard way, its not the same thing. Blowing a gasket happens when you don’t put water in your car and blowing the engine happens when there is no oil in the car.  Anyways, the time has almost come for me to say adios to Greeny. Paying for his hospital bills is not working for me, imagine it was that easy with people.

Hospital Bills

Don’t get too attached honey, we can’t keep it. The hospital bills are too high.

So what will I get to replace the Green Monster? A motorbike. The costs just work out way more affordable than carrying on with the struggle of paying for a car. 2 Wheels are way cheaper than 4 wheels and more fuel efficient, also no getting stuck in traffic. I am a little frightful as my brother had a very bad accident with a motorbike and I have never ridden one. If everyone didn’t do something that they have never done before then no one would do anything and we would still be clobbering our mates over the head with a club and dragging them to the nearest cave, no wait we wouldn’t.


Aaw sweety don’t worry I won’t know what to do with you once I got you…

I won’t go all out and get the beast of all beasts like a Hayabusa or a 1000cc Fireblade cos that would be playing with death… No that would be slapping death in the face and running away singing Heidi. Death WILL get you! I also refuse to get a Harley Davidson looking thing. I’m not willing to grow a beard, shave my head and have a tattoo of a scull eating a heart on my forearm. To me a Harley Davidson looking helicopter sounding thing is not a motorbike. I shall be getting a smaller motorbike, a 125cc or a 250cc to start off with. Oh and for those that were thinking, “why don’t you get a little moped (scooter to the lesser)?” to which I will say, why don’t you find a beehive and smash it with a hammer, if you survive that I will take it that you are a superhero and I should go on what you say. I will let the images speak for itself…


Harley Davidson vs. Yamaha R1 vs. Vespa