The Bucket List V1

Everyone knows what a bucket list is. For those of you only now leaving the dark ages, a bucket list is a list of things you would like to do or achieve before you essentially kick the bucket… lovely euphemism right there. Before you croak… die… before the spark of your life becomes smothered in shite! (Compliments of A Knight’s Tale, a-thank-you)

In lieu of this, I have 10 things that I would start my list off with. These are subject to change because I have the attention span of several highly trained goldfish! (FYI, goldfish can be trained to remember obstacle courses and such… MIND=BLOWN)

1. Travel (this needs a subsection of it’s own)
I want to travel to so many places, and yet I can’t pin point them all and why I want to go there. But for now, I want to travel to Greece to go to the Acropolis, Mt Olympus, go to all the Greek isles, especially Delos, and see where the myths originated from. Ancient Greece is a big fascination of mine!


Acropolis Hill

2. Start a business
I have no idea what business but I want to start one and I want to NOT work for The Man, but rather earn my own salary, paid with blood sweat and tears.

3. Swim with a great white shark (no cage)
Because why not? I can think of nothing that would be more adrenalin filled than this.


Ocean Ramsey swimming with a great white… She might be my new hero!

4. Fly in a fighter jet
Oh, no wait, this and the shark thing could be competing for the adrenaline spot! I always wanted to be a fighter pilot, but I would have to settle (I hate that word) for flying in a jet.

Saab gets

I mean come on!! How amazing does that look?

5. Open a cheetah sanctuary
I love cheetahs, and they are a vulnerable species. I would love to open a sanctuary where they can be protected and where they are able to live with minimal cages.


6. Obtain at least one degree
I am already working towards this one, year one of (hopefully) 4 years is over. One should never cease the fight for more knowledge… Although I would rather my knowledge become wisdom.

7. Live in the Western Provence, on the beach, or at least close enough to walk.



Because if home is where your heart is and my heart is in Cape Town, then it only makes sense to have a reunion. And while I am there…

8. Learn to surf properly
Ever since the movie Blue Crush came out in 2002 I have had the desire to become a surfer. I have had 2 lessons that ended rather depressingly but I WILL surf one day. I don’t care how old I am or how difficult it might be to learn!



9. Learn to speak Spanish and Zulu
-Spanish – because it’s sexy and then I could go to Spain and shock em all…
-Zulu – because Zulu is the most spoken language in South Africa and it is not fair that the majority of the people in SA should struggle with a language that is not their own – English. The least I could do is learn Zulu so that I can communicate better in a more respectful way with my fellow countrymen/women.

10. Go to Tomorrowland in Belgium
This is probably the biggest one of them all, I REALLY REALLY want to go to Tomorrowland. Have you SEEN what it looks like? Take a look:

Yes, it is expensive and yes, it looks like it will be cramped but so what? It would be the experience of a lifetime. I have gone to a large music festival before, and it was amazing. Also, Afrikaans and Flemish is VERY closely related so that would be fun!

BONUS!! See God’s glory increase on the earth
Because that’s what we are created for. All the other things on this list can fall away, but if I am not living my life in a way that brings glory to God and expands that glory and the knowledge of His Kingdom then I want nothing else.

Matthew 6:33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

5 thoughts on “The Bucket List V1

  1. I love this! A number of entries do not grab my attention, but I can wait on the boat or ground to give you CPR if your heart stops or something! Greece! Yes please!!!! Glory! Yes Please!!! Surfing, blah, to much water!

    Liked by 1 person

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