Brain Fries?!

No, this is not going to be a review on that weird ass show Hannibal, based on the movies about a cannibal named Hannibal. . I am not here to gross people out (on this post). This is also not a how-to post on how to cook the perfectly crispy brain fries… this aint no Hannibal cooking blog.

I am going to struggle eating fries now... Nope, no I wont. I love em.

I am going to struggle eating fries now… Nope, no I wont. I love em.

This is just a post to get my brain to function normally (lazily) again for a bit. I have come to the last bit of my TEFL course (the last bit being about 50 hours) and there are so many things I have to think about. Not just regarding TEFL but about what happens after I finish the course? Why did I not do the course earlier?  Why does that one song from The Lion King always get stuck in my head when I phase out?… ♪♫ I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts, dedelee dedelee, there they are a-standing in a row bom bom bom♪♫

You’re welcome.

I just need some direction, some light shining on a path screaming OI, THIS WAY YOU SLOW ASS WOMAN!!! So many choices have to be made and so many risks have to be taken. I’m spontaneous, why is this such a schlepp? *by schlepp I mean fear inducing situation* Why does moving on in life scare me? I aint afraid of no ghost… ♪♫who ya gon call? Ghostbusters♪♫ Yes yes, I know there are many things wrong with me, but I would like to take this moment to quote good ol Dr Cooper…

Sheldon Cooper

Use the force you must!!

My brain is FRIED from all the thinking about stuff, in general and then getting distracted only to have to think about what I was thinking about before I started thinking about something else… And now you are thinking what the heck where you thinking reading this. Haha, welcome to the crazy! Please leave all hats and jackets at the door as we sacrifice them to the ducks. They are our masters. Don’t let the cuteness fool you, they are heartless.

That man was never seen again after that day...

That man was never seen again after that day…


8 thoughts on “Brain Fries?!

  1. Hilarious post! I have no idea why …but I’m love with that coconuts song… it seems I have a thing for coconuts.. Dr. Cooper’s face alone makes me explode with laughter… and that poor, poor man– about to be trampled and killed by the cutest little rubber duckies– pass the popcorn please.. hahahaa


    • Hehe, thanx for the comment. I am glad you enjoyed it, then I have achieved my goal of being hilarious. Sheldon is just soooo funny, everything he does esp that face. Ohand dont let them rubber duckies hear that you called them cute… heartless I tell you.


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