Tonsillitis… Wait, WHAT?!

When you come to a certain age in your life, you know your own body pretty well and you know what certain tell-tale signs are or lead to… from when the flu is creeping up to when that mad trucker lady with the red 18-wheeler is about to crash into your uterus with the speed of an F1 car on E! Even when some of these things only happen every few years, like for instance tonsillitis. Most people my age have already had their tonsils removed. I still have mine and I don’t mind still having them, they are usually pretty quiet tenants, also I’m more complete than the others (that’s what I tell myself).

Tonsils, appendix

Tonsils? Check. Appendix? Check.

When I woke up on Tuesday KNOWING (cos you just KNOW) I have tonsillitis, or that tonsillitis is at the front desk of the hotel that is my body, I wanted to flip my lid. I think my house mate and very good friend can attest that I totally did flip my lid. Not because its gross and uncomfortable and makes it difficult to swallow and there is constantly phlegm (WEIRD ASS SPELLING) no matter what you do, and and and. No, I had a floozy because it’s really a dumbass idea to exercise while your ill in any way. So I’m not bootcamping at all this week. Seriously it sucks. Right when I find my groove, someone puts a new track on and now I gotta figure out how to dance to this one. I am going to have to do some serious catching up when I’m well enough to exercise again. NO FAIR!!

Also I think I have found out what the female equivalent to man-flu is, you know man-flu… those of you who have a man in your life, not only do I wish you only pretty things in life (and am I insanely the right amount of jealous) but also I pray for you, you know that if your man has even the slightest sniffle he is bed bound and demanding soup and being sung to about small furry animals. Although I am not bed bound, partly cos I am awesome and partly cos ain’t nobody got time fo dat (I seized that opportunity like a BOSS… oh look that , another one), I feel like the tonsils are where all my emotions are manufactured and they are on strike. It’s either that or the fact that madam mad-red-18-wheeler-trucker also decided shes staying at Hotel Liezel for the next 5-7 days! For free! Bitch!! I’m thinking its both… LOVE BEING A FEMALE BTW!! A pic repost is in order me thinks.

Period, hormones

uh huh!

3 is a crowd!

Lately everything has been happening in 3’s… Well ok not EVERYTHING but last time I checked I was still a female soooo I have the right to exaggerate, slightly.

I picked up 3kg’s about a week ago. All of a sudden. I mean the food forced me! I had no choice! Don’t look at me…

Aaaaanyway, yeah,so I picked up 3 big ones. Now for you to understand why that’s a big deal you need to know that as I stated before I am a female and I have been camping since end of January. Granted just cos I’m camping doesn’t mean I’ve been eating camping food. I started off eating well and cutting the bad stuff out but lately I have been eating like I was stuck inside on a cold day and had nothing better to do. (think about it…)  So I was genuinely upset when the scale shouted at me. So I sucked it up (and in) and concentrated more on what I eat and have been exercising every day for about 2 weeks now. Now what I have learnt from this experience is… STAY OFF OF THE SCALE!! Oh and that if I just pay a little more attention to what I eat its possible to lose 3kg’s in a week. YES I DID!! Oh and look at that… another 3.

Push ups monster

My Photoshop skill are limited, so imagine him doing push ups…

At bootcamp last week I was doing girly push-ups like a boss, eating them up like I was the Push-up Monster, then the instructor said, if they are getting too easy try doing the proper push-ups. Now, the difference between girly push-ups and proper push-ups is the girly ones you do on your knees, so its less weight on your arms, the proper ones are done on your feet so its a lot more weight on your arms. I tried doing a proper push-up about 2 weeks ago when my older brother wanted to know how good bootcamp was treating me… I fell on my face. Not the best way to show off but it will come. So when the instructor said proper push-ups I cringed a little but being the beast I am (someone has to say it) I settled in to see if I could do any, and I did 3… granted the last one was wonky but I did them. I never knew that something so seemingly insignificant could have such a positive effect. I felt great, felt like I should train even harder cos obviously something is working.

Fast & Furious 6

hummanah hummanah hummanah – Monica

Oh and just to prove my theory of everything happening in 3’s lately… we have Iron Man 3 that recently came out on cinema and the Fast and the Furious 6 (thats 2 x 3’s in there, baby) oh and if you watch Fast and the Furious 6 you will see 3 very yummy men! Sooo there you have it, theory proven. Sorta!

Faith – Working out = No results

I have been camping for about 3 months (if you don’t count all the times I couldn’t go), one wouldn’t say it as I do not look that much different. One of the other instructors did say that a difference is visible, but it’s not happening fast enough. I REALLY struggle with eating right, it’s easy for someone to say cut out this and that oh and that, BUT it’s not that easy to just up and cut it out. It’s like saying “don’t look now, but that guy is checking you out” you better believe I will look so fast I’d get whiplash. That’s how people are, from the time we are pushed into this world screaming our bloody heads off, we are rebellious. Don’t believe me? Studies show that even babies are rebellious and manipulative. Tell us not to do something and we will see how serious you were about not wanting us to do something. Dylan Moran explains it best…

I thought I could help other would-be fitness junkies in the same position as me, van die wall af in die sloot, lyk dit my… (frying pan into fire) But the help that I intent to offer is not in the field of encouragement or even a light you can do it. Nope, I thought I could help by saying, there comes a time in your life when you have to realise that sitting on your blessed assurance (thank you John) is justnot gonna cut it anymore. The only person able to turn your life around is… Channing Tatum…

Channing Tatum

Nothing can be said… just take a moment.

NO IT’S NOT!! It’s you. YOU make your destiny come to pass, BUT… yeah you knew that one was coming… BUT, without God how will you know what your destiny is? Without God we strive for things that fade and eventually die. With God we strive for a better us, healthier, stronger.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for an certain of what we do not see. Now I intend to make that verse as personal as possible, I am sure of what I hope for in my exercises, I hope for a ripped body, healthy and able. I do not see it yet but I am certain that I am stronger already! FAITH!!! Also, if you squint your eyes just right then you will see that FAITH is spelt – R.I.S.K. We have to take risks, again personalising it this way, I risk going through withdrawal symptoms if I totally cut out bad carbs and esp. chocolate; I risk dying every time I exercise; I risk/sacrifice time and the fleshly desires of wanting to couch-potato it to next Tuesday. Faith is good, but it’s not enough… Faith without works is dead.

Couch potato

Let me know how that works out for you.

Anyhoozle, so this is mainly just my struggle, my inner struggle with the outer niceties that are food and sweets. Have you ever thought what it would be like if we couldn’t taste food? If we really just ate to stay alive and that was it. I think all of us would be healthy and boring. Or even better, imagine if we had to still hunt for food… Lee Evans to the rescue(from the 7:19 mark)

Sorry for the language…

Change = Holiday


Like this, except no smiles and a lot more junk.

Sometimes I look at that saying and I think… HELL NO! There is no way that getting a new haircut or changing a room around in the house can be as good as a holiday, and then at other times I think. If only I could change something. Who actually rests when they go on holiday anyways. Half your holiday time is spent in a cramped up car on your way to holiday place where YOU have to prepare holiday food and still maintain some level of hygiene, cause lets face it, germs take no days off. You don’t end up resting at all, you end up rushing from this place where you heard they make this amazing pie, to this other place where you wanted to buy this little crappy souvenir, which will end up braking on your cramped up way home anyway. Usually people go on holiday where they have family as well so that’s a whole new rush on it’s own. Gotta make time to see everyone so that no one is upset and anyone. HOLIDAY?! I call BULL FECES! (I wanted to say the other word but you know…)

Mermaid Hair

See, lovely long hair… also, it covers the boobies.

So in light of this I will opt for the change part of our little heading there. Change… WHAT do you change tho? I am already working on the change of body option, and lesbe honest, Rome wasn’t built in a day… but I’m sure more of Rome was built in the time it is taking me to get, well, built. I’m not changing my hair, the only change I would consider would be a haircut and I want mermaid hair (don’t bother googling it cos I don’t want blue hair, to me mermaid hair is long enough to cover the breasteses) soooooo none of that, thank you. So what about changing the room, yeah that’s a plan, but it gets old real quick, especially if you only move stuff around and don’t add new things, and come on, we all want to add new things. So that leaves me with taking up a hobby or something of that sorts… As I have never been one for hobbies like stamp collecting or painting/drawing or anything like that I am thinking of doing some courses. Courses have the added bonus of giving me something to add to my CV. BUT… (yes there’s always a but) what courses do I do? Should I do? Won’t bore me into next Tuesday? Will keep me interested?

I recently started doing high school maths to scare my brain out of hibernation where it has been for the last 7 years. I have been thinking a lot about doing some courses in stuff like business management or project management, but recently I started thinking what if I did sports science or any course to do with biology (which I am not sure exists). Maybe I should learn a new language like Spanish – I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. But then I thought, WEB DESIGN or a course that would further my knowledge of the things that almost run our lives. Many times I get asked to fix this thing on a PC or help with this or that, but all that stuff is easy. I want to master the hard stuff. To prevent any of this happening – shame.

As you can see, ek is so deurmekaar soos krismis kots in n tuimeldroër (very confused), so any other suggestions would be great, or just you know, a slap longside the head.

Phoenix vs Swank – The15 Week Challenge

Bootcamp, bootcamp, bootcamp… If it wasn’t for bootcamp I think I would have been on a fast decent into madness, right now its a slow leisurely cruise. The scenic route, to stop and take pictures of the madness around me. Bootcamp has opened up deeper things in me that I had forgotten was there. As I wrote in this post and this one – I want to be built like Hilary Swank and recently I have added Jessica Biel to the list of inspirational hot bods, and my date is the 1st of September 2013. Up till last week I had not really done much other than bootcamp twice a week. Last week something happened, I could not wait to exercise so the whole week I would do exercise on my own on the days that I didn’t go camping. I think it might be that I spoke to our camping instructor and she say that it can be done in 12 weeks and the 1st of September is now 15 weeks away, OR it could be that my best friend challenged me to see who lost the most kg’s and cm’s from now till the 1st. In the words of Mr Barney Stinson – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! So now it is Phoenix vs Swank.

Phoenix, Swank, Leopard Print Princess

Oh it is ON!!

The funniest thing is that in the almost 14 years that we have known each other and the maybe 12 years that we have been best friends we have never been competitive with each other and had never known that we could be. This is a whole new side to our friendship, and I like it. I always knew that Phoenix (seriously its not her real name – she does also blog though, here it is: Leopard Print Princess) is very driven and competitive, but my role in those situations had always been that of the one-woman-cheerleading-squad. Whether it was her competing with a fellow student for the best marks in a certain subject or her competing with herself to make jewelery. Now I am torn between cheering her on and wanting to leave her in the dust that is my own ambition (which is slowly coming out of a 6 year long hibernation). We had an interesting moment last week during bootcamp where we ended up tag teaming against the rest of the camp. we would push each other to stay well ahead of the others. I think thats the best move. Healthy competitiveness and still being able to cheer each other on. Or maybe its just because we have such a rich history.

Leopard Print Princess, phoenix, Swank

Best person to do any challenge with!!

Whats the aim of the challenge? Well last year we went for a photo shoot, this year we are going for one again in September. The one that loses pays for the other ones shoot. Its a small incentive, but I think we both are so ready for a massive change that its just a minor incentive. That being said, it doesn’t make working hard and eating clean any easier. Our instructor’s exact words to me when I told her what I want – “It is possible, with hard work and eating clean, you can achieve it in 12 weeks” (well she said it in Afrikaans so its not EXACT words). We had looked at doing the Warrior Race thingy on the 11th of May but we had missed the registration and they had already been sold out. For those of you that have not heard of Warrior go here. It is looks a lot like Tough Mudder. Next year we want to do it. I want to be able to do the Black Ops one… you can think for yourself what that means. I have a long way to go, as it stand I can barely make it through a 30 mins Action Netball game without being kaput. CARDIO HERE WE COME!! Skipping is not enough.

Cardio, Zombie

Gots to be ready for this…

What are you doing to challenge yourself?