Roadtrip for Dylan!!!!!

Why are we on a traffic island??

Why are we on a traffic island??

There is something magical about roadtrips, the open road, the long hours… the music (or lack thereof). Lets be honest the real magic is when the feeling in your ass disappears… abra-ka-dabra.

All-in-all the REASON of the roadtrip is what makes it worthwhile. Whether it is the promise of soaking your feet in the ocean or soaking your liver in shots. Priorities change with age, ok! If there is fun to be had then the trip is worth it.

This weekend was road trip weekend (no really, the ENTIRE WEEKEND)

This is what it looked like: 5am Saturday morning: Wake up, 5:30am: meet fellow tripper, 6am: meet 2 more fellow trippers in another car and then HIT THE OPEN ROAD.

From Johannesburg to Grahamstown with an hours stop in Bloemfontein!

From Johannesburg to Grahamstown 1 hour stop in Bloemfontein!

6pm: Arrive at destination, do a quick wardrobe change in the car, cos these bitches aint never seeing me again. Meet up with more people for supper and that liver soaking before going to see… wait for it… DYLAN MORAN!!!!!!!!

I got you a present!!!

I got you a present!!!

Yes, my all-time favourite comedian, in the flesh. We drove about 1000km for 12 hours to see Dylan Moran and about 1000km for 12 hours to get back home for work on Monday. A whole DAY (24hours) of traveling for about 1 hour of comedy, can you say COMMITMENT!!

As you can see, the trip back was via some places... 1 hour stop in Aliwal North.

As you can see, the trip back was via some places… 1 hour stop in Aliwal North.

Just a few quick tips for roadtrips…

  • Don’t do it alone, for reals, no one can stay wide awake for 12 hours straight, behind the wheel of a car. Also, it’s not a roadtrip if you are alone. (Although I might be tempted to go on a trip alone).
  • Make sure that if it is a quick trip (as in leaving AND returning all in one weekend) that it is totally worth it.
  • Be sure to fill up with petrol regularly… one would think yeah, but there is a stretch of road between Kroonstad and Bloemfontein that have NO petrol stations, that’s about 180kms. That is when you start realising how strong your faith is. For those out there with an i10, all I will say is treat that baby well… You will never know what she does for you. [90kms on the orange and BLINKING light]
  • If and when a non-planned detour is made, be sure to take in all the local sights, make a memory and laugh about it… Unless it turns out to be a Wrong Turn kinda deal, then GET OUT!!!
  • If there is more than one car tripping, make sure everyone knows what is going on and where to be, more importantly, make sure that you have at least one working cellular device per car…

Dylan Moran performed at the Guy Butler Theatre in Grahamstown and it was spectacular. All I could ever wish and more. Seeing a stand-up comedian live is not the same as seeing a band live. A band has songs and you can pretty much predict the high of the night. Comedians are personal, especially if you are a true fan. By TRUE I mean that you have watched all of his shows, all the movies, all the sitcoms. You integrate quotes of his material into your everyday life, as part of your vocabulary, your arsenal of comebacks. You know, general stuff. No?? It’s just me? Ah well.

I'm still awesome!

I’m still awesome!

It was such a memorable moment, it was as if I have reached the peak of my life. The only thing that could top that would be to have amazing sex. (Obviously after I’m married… sorry if you are reading this, Dad) or maybe to get my degree. If you think that’s a bit extreme, then just read some of my older blogs here, herehere, oh and here, just to see how many times I have referenced Dylan, so that you can understand. The love runs deep!