Today marks the day 4 months ago that I changed my life… Yes I (with grace and mercy from God) changed my life. It can happen, I hear there is a recipe. Something about a ton of risk, a basket of support, a pot load of faith and a dash of blindly following a path that is not lit up for much further ahead. Moer all that together and you get where I am right now. 4 Months into doing a clerkship as a trainee accountant. Now, lemme tell you if your oven isn’t hot enough or there is more walking blindly than there is support and faith then this whoooooole thing will flop like a souffle.


Not as effective as in the movies where everyone holds their breath in fear of the inside sinking in… and then it does.Β 

Now this is not just some cut and dry, smack it all together and you got yourself a full blown CA thing. Nooooo-o-o this is meticulously run by SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) who, in addition to your employer, you sign a contract with also. They monitor your growth in different fields over a period of 5 years, in addition to that, if you happen to be one of the lucky clerks to land a job whilst still studying, they require that you perform well in your studies also. The pressure is not so bad, but then again, I’m not even at the half year mark sooo we will talk again in 2 years maybe.


Its been 4 months and I don’t know kung fu yet…

What I will say is that my brain has been hurting for the last 4 months, there is so much to learn and so much to apply. I get frustrated most days because of how slowly I seem to be taking the information in, but on the plus side, the studies and the clerkship go hand in hand. Which is great. The work and the studies also doesn’t get any easier, your brain just grows and you become smarter.

My point, if you can make sense of this whole post, is that it really is never to late to change the course of your life. I am 28 now. I will be 33 when I finish my articles (that’s what it’s called, this 5 years training program) and after that I have the option to write CA board exams and be an actual CA. This is after CTA (honours), of course. All in all, if I really put foot and study and work hard, I could be a CA by the age of 36. Late bloomer some might say, I say, rough diamond… Diamonds are formed over a long period of time under extreme conditions.


Last point, don’t be upset that your life is not going anywhere if you refuse to make any changes, and don’t let people tell you that you can’t change your life, that you are too old. I had to learn this the hard way!