Things you aren’t told when you chose to study part time


I may or may not have posted about this already and might again in the future. Ready yourself for that reality.

When I first decided I want to study, I went onto the website of the university that has long-distance learning options and looked at the degree that I figured would be a good fit. Looked at what it might cost, looked at my salary, saw that it’s kinda do-able with a squeeze and jumped right in.


Have you seen Point Break, the new one? That sky to earth thing… that’s what it feels like. 

Then I found out that you need application money, and a bulk amount up front called registration fees. Yes, this covers about half of each module you take, meaning it varies, it also varies depending on your choice in degree… discriminate much?? Anyway, lucky for me I have gracious friends who donated cash towards my future. I call it an investment. Even with that generous donation, it is still tough to have the money for each semester.

HINT: If you work full time and study part time (because you are a grown ass person who’s folks don’t pay for your shit), do yourself a favour and transfer a portion of your salary to the university account every month. This way when the new semester swings around you aren’t looking for the best corners to strut your stuff because you gotta put yourself through school. In all honesty, strippers do make a lot of money but if you work during the day and strip at night when do you study?


Interesting infographic about textbook costs.

Another hidden cost which should be obvious and not able to bite you in the ass but it does because you don’t think about it (breathe) is text book costs. Doesn’t matter what you study, there will be prescribed text books that you need in order to pass your modules. Budget for those, overstate the costs so that you aren’t caught with your pants down. (Who started that saying anyway? And why the heck did the person have their pants down? Also, how long does it take to pull said pants up if you were caught with them down?)

HINT: Find a pre-loved text book place. Facebook is a good place for this kinda stuff. Amazon also has some second-hand books but they are kinda more expensive. Alternatively, find someone who studied what you are studying now and along with making new friends or networking, ask them if they have the text book you need. Definitely save for this also, create a TEXTBOOKS savings account that you can transfer a portion of you salary into.


Lastly, for now… Tutoring, unfortunately this is not one you can always know you will need and also, not every student needs tutelage just like not every degree is equally difficult for each student. But I would advise that if you are doing a BCom BSc or some form of Maths/Engineering degree, budget for tutelage. Rather go to a tutor and pay some money to them than fail the module, pay double for it AND then pay for additional tutelage also.

HINT: Best thing I have realised is to just find a job in your chosen field of study. Nothing teaches you faster than on the job training. Unfortunately there are not many careers that offer some form of clerkship/internship that you can do while studying. I find that SAICA clerkships are brilliant as you are surrounded by clerks who are at different levels of studying and they all have notes and wisdom that you could get from them. All you gots ta do is ask!


Anything that I missed?

Dear South African clothing manufacturers

Isn’t the entire aim of your store to make people feel good, to make women – target market – feel good? I might only be speaking for one female here (also, I don’t like shopping sooo this is not a biased opinion at all) but there are MANY issues with the clothes that can be found in the reasonably priced stores. Reasonably priced as in Mr Price to Woolworths… and all the inbetweeners.

I have listed a few of the grievances that I have, not all because I couldn’t find a publisher for the book… yeah, that many:

  1. Why, for the love of sausages and mash, do you not have a LONG range? Except for you, Woolworths (but you should listen up also because your LONG is like it’s made for a tall dwarf). Lemme tell you, there is no good feeling when you put on a pair of pants that kinda fit around your waist (See section 2 about this) but when you look down you see the mass of half a calf and an ankle between your shoe and the pants leg. So you are forced to take a larger size that makes the crotch hang down by your knees and makes it look like you are wearing a pair of badly tailored harem pants. And even then the legs are just not long enough.

FIX IT!!! Make a freakin extra long range if you must, but fix it! South African people are taller than the average so please, I ask you, FIX IT!

Oh and FYI sometimes I have to wear men’s pants… just saying!


  1. While we are on the pants thing, let’s talk about ass! Big asses to be exact. Seems like Levi’s had the right idea when they came out with the Curve ID thing, but honestly, do they think this is enough?Presentation1 Also, Levi’s are expensive. Ek is ‘n arm blanke! Also, do these folks who cater for the African Booty think that African women are short? Or only tall enough to get a 34? My inner leg is 36 inches… 36. That is not counting my big African booty! I am blessed cursed, no it’s blessed, with long legs and a big ass. I’m black from the waist down, (It’s a song, that is not so PG… Listen here)!! Surely there should be something that fits. But no, not in South Africa. I have resorted to wearing clothes that my mom sends me from the UK because there, LONG actually means something. Can you imagine, the UK caters more for tall people than South Africa does and on average SA’s women are taller than the UK’s. Well done UK, well done.

Again, FIX IT!

  1. Work shirts, long sleeve shirts, jerseys, cardigans… anything that one wears in the winter that one would expect to be long enough to cover that little bone on the side of your wrist. These things are often too short, I don’t have such an issue with this as with the pants but it’s an issue none the less. Working shirts have baggy sleeves if they are long enough. Why do you assume that tall or long limbed people have fat limbs? Or are fat? Come on man!! Then sometimes I find something that the sleeves are great and then the actual body of the damn thing is too short. I do not want a work shirt that can double as a naval revealer! If you know what I mean. I also can’t wear those long long shirts because, again my ass is too big and it’s like you guys only catered for the planks among us. Pear shapes exist!

At least the fruit has skin that fits… Ya know whatta mean?

You know it’s coming… FIX IT!

  1. All that being said, what is with the ugly stuff that you DO make for larger than life people? It’s like you only make nice clothes for smaller less scary folks!

Maybe, just maybe we are scary because you only make clothes that make us look like serial killers. We have gone through the mass of stores only to come out with a scarf cos it’s the only thing that actually fits. This makes us walk around in a thunder cloud wearing an oversized pair of sweat pants, found in the men’s department, a hoody that is usually warn by a slumped over S shape teenager (there is space to steal stuff) and this lovely scarf with the woven in shades of teal and brown. That’s why we are scary!!!

American Gladiators

“Hellga”, she’s 6’1″ tall and weighs 210lbs… in the rest of the non USA world that means she is 1.85m tall and weighs 95kg. Basically me!

Fix it, fix it all!


White girl with a  black girl’s ass… and long legs.