The return and the resolutions!

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So the holidays are over and it’s a new year, new possibilities, new ways to disappoint yourself and new ways to make yourself stronger. (Through said disappointments.) We all have these new year’s resolutions and for the first few days/or weeks of the year the gyms are packed because “Come hell or high water, I WILL have a machine of a body come this time next year”. Slowly but surely the gyms die down and only the people who have realised that it’s their lifestyle and that’s how it should be stick around, they obviously knew how to swim, cos they go to the gym!! The fast food outlets start making money and the cigarette companies smile as the cash runs in.

YOU TRIED?? Yeah I tried to care.

YOU TRIED?? Yeah I tried to care.

My theory for why this happens: because the first week or so of being back at work is so traumatizing that  you just run back to your old comforts, the ice cream in the fridge, the bed, the couch the cigarettes, the bar, whatever calmed your tits at the end of a work day. Getting back into a routine after being on holiday is hard, the waking up earlier, staring at a computer, dealing with stupid people and I think the biggest thing is keeping back snotty comments…

not just at work...

not just at work…

That’s why you will get these semi-depressed people who have not learnt how to transition from holiday to workday. These zombies who, a month in, are already complaining that the weeks are too long and that have a mini party every Friday morning because, hey, its Friday. It’s a blackhole and I think that if you can make it past maybe the first 2 months of the new year, holding onto your goals and such then maybe it will have become part of your lifestyle. It takes longer to break a habit than it does to form one. Stupid habits. Why don’t they have an expiry date? Or start breaking by themselves like the phones of today? You know, it works fine for like the first few months and then all of a sudden… BROKEN!! Stupid phones. I just dropped you in water once, learn to swim!

I don't care if you are water resistant!

I don’t care if you are water resistant!

Alllll of that being said, I only have 2 goals for this year: 1) start living healthily, no use in lying to an unseen audience by saying “more healthy” nothing about what I do is healthy, *stuffs face with Zinger wings*. 2) Pass my first year of varsity… It’s possible right? RIGHT?!