Gaming through the holidays

I’m not a Christmas celebrating person. I totally celebrate the birth of Jesus and all but I don’t do Christmas. In fact, I turn into the Grinch around October every year when the stores start decorating with little angels and lights and trees and freakin snowmen. HELLOOOOHOOO… it is SUMMER in December in South Africa. Make a freakin fire-man, that would be more accurate, something like the human torch. Don’t just BLINDLY follow ‘Murica. *Deep breath* I am fine. 


So yes… I don’t like Christmas.

That being said, I do like having holidays around that time of the year. Especially the not being controlled by all things that tell time. It’s all go slow, it’s all go easy, lazy beach days, sleeping late, forgetting where you put your phone, that’s what makes it all good. Oh, but who can forget all the games. What are family holidays or any holidays without some games? I played loads this holiday.

Cards, Poker, Twister, Rummicub

Oh so much fun!!

Now as any boardgame loving person would know Monopoly is dubbed the game that ruins relationships, you learn this from small. I think that a game short on its heels would be Settlers of Catan. If you have not yet played this game you totally should. It’s a strategy game of note and can really mess up relationships if taken seriously, as all these type games are. I am really not going to explain the game. Google-it! I played both these games, and with respect to Monopoly… Catan wins. (Yes, I have heard of RISK)


IMG-20140106-01441Card games are also always a big hit, Spite-and-Malice, Poker, Kings, Dead-head, All fun. Also, Rummicub, the classical twister with the niece and nephew, shooting some pool, long-ass ping pong tournaments and pool cricket (having to throw the ball hard enough and at the correct angle that it bounces off of the water’s surface).

All of this made me realise that yes, PC, Xbox, Playstation gaming is all a lot of fun, but sometimes you need to just step away from the technology and use more than your thumbs.