Is it REALLY necessary?

I read that news 24 article called I am a racist and thought…. yoh nah yoh… was that really necessary? Granted the author had some valid points but venting about it for all to see and pick up and take your words out of contexts might not have been the smartest move ever. I’m just saying. Somewhere someone with influence will read it and it won’t have the desired effect. BUUUUT then again, maybe that’s just what the author tried to do. To make waves, well only time will tell. I do take my hat off to her gutsiness… She basically said what a lot of us were thinking, out loud, in the media. She stuck her head out. Kudos to her.

So, what about that white model who twittered something really unnecessary… using words (well a word) that really has no place in our vocabulary anymore. She TWITTERED about it. Now I might be wrong but if you are a well known person like let’s say an FHM model and winner of the modelbook 2011 award then saying stuff like  “Just, well took on an arrogant and disrespectful k***** inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have.” and  “Highlight of my weekend? Almost punching an Engen petrol assistant. No tolerance for rude African monkeys whatsoever!” would not get you very far.  To get the full low down on this … story… click HERE.

Naturally, as is human nature, a black model twittered “Dear Mr Peter Mokaba,” she said, referring to a former leader of the African National Congress youth wing, “I wish All White People were killed when you sang ‘Kill the Boer’ we wouldn’t be experiencing *the white model’s* racism now.” Is that really REALLY necessary???

As written in this blog (which is in Los Angeles… showing the rest of the world just how backwards we South Africans are sometimes) both of these women are too young to have felt the sting of Apartheid. So what are they really fighting? And their excuse for their comments… “Oh sorry I was just very angry, so I thought hey, lemme vent and use racist phrases and all ON SOCIAL MEDIA and so flush my career down the drain.” Seems like a good idea… Anyways.

I think my point is… if you are going to say something you will regret… no wait if you HAVE to say something you will regret, don’t do it on social media, especially if you are famous. Or just don’t have social media. Social media is fast becoming a big no-no for me. It causes unwanted stress and un-needed friction. And for what… to have your voice heard… to give your 1/2 cent. Here’s an idea… scream into your pillow. Just an idea, use it, don’t use it. Whatever.

Last little while…


I suppose it could be worse…

My mom has been visiting from Guernsey for the last 2 (almost 3) weeks, hence the lack of good writing. I do believe that in these few days I have gotten some pretty good material. I have been to Rosebank and back quite a few times and have made up my mind… I do not wish to work there. EVER. Who has the time to sit in that traffic? Honestly. An hour and a half in the morning and an hour and a half in the afternoon… granted that is peak hour traffic (stupid time). If, however, I had no choice but to work in Rosebank I would demand to only start at 10 and then Id finish at 7. Yes, that is right I do not have children or a husband that needs feeding… sheesh I don’t even have a cat but if you think about it, the people who work in Rosebank only get home at about 7 anyways thanx to the traffic so will I be losing out? NO… It’s a win win. I get to sleep late and arrive at work without having to kill someone or having the urge to pop a cap. Thank God I don’t have to work there though.

On to the next thing. Having my mom here is amazing, I really love it. And the more time I spent with her now I realise where some of my software comes from. It’s comforting to know that I didn’t REALLY fall on my head. Granted my mom might have dropped me, just for the fun of it… NAH, she wouldn’t have. Before this visit the last time I saw my mom was about 3 years ago. It’s quite a long time. The time that I’m spending with my mom at the moment is making me really miss the Rock as the people aptly call it. So I have decided to study something and go back, live there for a few years. Travel the world at the same time. Maybe this time round my brains will not be as scattered as before. BUT I was young so I’m cutting myself some slack. Life is what you make of it, isn’t that what they say… whoever they are. The other thing that has happened whilst my mom has been visiting is that we all have been eating like we were also on holiday… only 1 word can describe my state of being right now… UNHAPPY!!!!! Why does it work like that… when we go on holiday our self-discipline and self-control goes along with it? Maybe I will study human behavioural sciences and give you an answer in about 10 years. For now, whatever it is, I do NOT like it.

Just so you know this is just an update post, to show a pulse and tell you I’m still out there. I do have a few series Ideas…1) The High Heel Challenge – where I will challenge myself to wear high heels every day for a week. The basic rules are that I have to have heels on my feet for a minimum of 5 consecutive hours a day during the week and 3 consecutive hours a day during the weekend. Naturally I will be posting my comments and pain. Then 2) is I want to do a movie review week. Thats a pretty straight forward one. Soooo keep a look out…

Till next time…

Big Bang Laundry…

Penny: Another night? I guess you could try… but deep inside your heart you’ll know that laundry night is always Saturday night.
Sheldon: Woman, you’re playing with forces beyond your ken
Penny: Yeah, well your Ken can kiss my Barbie.

Gotta love Big Bang Theory…

Drome… Motivering… Dissipline

Ons almal het drome, aspirations, dinge wat ons graag sal wil wees/doen/bereik. Of dit nou travel is of om jou eie multi-millionere maatskappy te begin (Of in my klein niece se geval – om hare soos


All that hair… wow

Rapunzel te he) of net om gesonder te lewe en in als n 110% te gee. Elke liewe een van ons droom… of HET gedroom en het so moedeloos met die groot drome geraak dat ons settle vir kleiner drome. Ek val in daai laaste een meer as die ander… MAAAAAAR, die afgelope tyd is dit asof n nuwe ding in my wakker geword het. Dis so asof my gees connect met God se Gees en ek begin agter kom net wat presies die “plans He has to prosper me and to give me a hope and a future” is. Maar nou ja.

Sooo, nou dat ek weer droom, what am I gonna do about it? Gaan ek maar net terug sit en fantasize oor hoe awesome die droom is of gaan ek vinger trek en iets daaraan doen? Dis waar die motivering inkom… VRIENDE mense VRIENDE en FAMILIE. En nie daai platoniese kom-drink-saam-my vriende nie, nee. Die vriende in jou lewe wat jou hart ken, wat al n pad saam jou stap. Maar dan bedoel ek ook nie net die vriende wat vir jou gaan se dat als fine gaan wees nie. Dont get me wrong, daai is nodig, maar eerlikheid is key tot verhouding. Soms het jy nodig om te weet dat jy n fout gemaak het of dat jy nie rerig sooo hot in daardie pers rompie en neon groen crocs lyk nie. (Ek besit nie so n outfit nie, dit was net vir emphasis gebruik, ek besit nie crocs nie en sal nooooit nie). Daardie selfde vriend moet kan weet wanneer die reine waarheid gaan help of die afgewaterde een. Die vriende moet in jou drome kan deel, saam met jou VIR jou kan droom. Saam met jou kan stap deur die hindernisbaan soos jy jou droom nastreef, en soms soos die drill sergeant wees en agter jou staan en skree

Drill Sergeant

Need I say anything??

“you call that a push-up? My grandmother can do it better.” Sulke vriende wat weet wat jy nodig het sonder dat jy dit weet… You know what I mean.

Elkgeval, so ja, ek het nou weer drome en wense. Ek kort net die motivering en natuurlik die dissipline. Alles in die lewe gaan oor dissipline. Op skool is dit die woord wat onderwysers die 2de meeste gebruik. Die meeste was natuurlik detensie en die is soms saam met dissipline gebruik om die punt sterker te maak. Ek dink sonder dissipline dan gaan al die motivering van al jou beste vriende jou niks help nie, en as n resultaat gaan die vriende moeg raak om die heeltyd hout op die vuur van jou droom te gooi en so vrek jou droom, want jyt nie dissipline nie, of want jy voel skuldig want jy het nog niks aan die ontwikkeling van jou droom gedoen nie. Nie almal het dissipline in al dieselfde areas as ander nie. So mens kan nie regtig se dat iemand is meer gedissiplineerd as n ander nie, want hoe weet jy? Dissipline is n moeilike een, dis moeilik en harde werk. Maar dis waar die motivering weer inkom. So my punt regtig is dat “dreams fade in the absence of motivation and discipline and discipline fades in the absence of motivation”.

Ek weet dis n diep onderwerp maar dit moes uit en dis hoekom hy maar kort is, dis maar net ietsie om jou te laat dink… te laat droom.

Don’t say hate, gandhi,…

Don’t say hate, gandhi, you keep throwing that word around so much it’s lost all of its meaning. Now I have to find another word stronger than hate to describe how I feel about others.

I mega-loathe you all.

Good day.

-Dr Cox in Scrubs Season 6… one of my favorites.