So, you want to know me?

I should have something here… something obviously about myself or the reason I’m blogging. I often have these extremely random thoughts and I have limited space in my brain that is marked “Random Thoughts” so I write them down, slap some pictures into the mix and post it for random people to read. My blog name means Extreme Random Freshness… it is a word play in Afrikaans (my mother tongue) Lukraak means Random and Kraakvars is the intensive form for fresh.

So far I have written about exercise (I am a pro on the subject… I am also a pro at sarcasm so there’s that), I write in Afrikaans as well as English. More in English because I am a shameless people pleaser. No I joke, sadly my Afrikaans vocabulary is not as shining as my English one. Which is a shame, considering I AM Afrikaans. I have also here and there given a movie review, I aim to maybe do a book review. Yes, I do swear!! Deal with it. A blog is supposed to be a portrayal of the writer herself’s personality, my personality swears, a lot. you should be glad I am toning it down a bit.

Stick around, tell me what you think.

21 thoughts on “So, you want to know me?

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