There is nothing like the pain lactic acid causes in muscles. Its like that pain you get from clicking your knuckles, it hurts but feels good. I hadn’t felt The Pain (as lactic acid build up will be known as henceforth) in a long time as I got into my bootcamp groove. Then 3 weeks ago I got flu, and usually I am the die-hard type, if people say to me go see a doctor or take some meds then I’m all like… I’ll tough it out, but this time I medicated myself to the point of addiction, and still there are some flu bits hanging on like that fat kid in the candy store after closing time, or that drunk guy wanting to pick up the juke box after last call.

Exercise, sick, bad time

Too much time on 9GAG!!

As most of you probably know, exercise while sick is a bad idea, so I didn’t do anything apart from walk for 2 weeks. It was the longest 2 weeks of my life, no bootcamp, no netball, NOTHING!!! Tuesday I felt exactly why I dreaded being sick… well from Tuesday. EVERYTHING HURTS! The Pain has infiltrated every muscle in my upper arms and legs. Defenses where smashed to pieces in a matter of hours. We did a crap load of leg exercises, squats (with and without medicine ball), lunges, ball slams (slam 7kg ball onto floor hard enough for it to bounce and squat as you pick it up mid bounce), thrusters (also some type of squat with 7kg ball) and my good friend – burpees. Wednesday I played netball, my legs barely worked, yesterday some more squats and lunges and ball slams and loads of push ups. The Pain makes my boobs feel like they are going to break off! (theres a picture for ya… yikes)

Also I needed to make this…

i'll have you know, spongbob, faint

at least 5 times…

I think it explains what happened. I went straight into the same routine as before, and I was out the gate like a bang, but then I crashed… HARD! Lightheaded and seeing stars, not the Crazytown type either, out of breath, doing less that the others there. I would like to make a personal petition to God and ask that He please protect me from EVER getting sick again… EVER!!! Now you all say AMEN with me.


4 thoughts on “OUCH!!!

    • Yeah Bar, definitely pushing through, eventho I have tonsilitis… AGAIN!! But I will just be ignoring it. I am so not missing another training session.
      Thanks for the motivation 😀


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