My Goosebumps has Goosebumps!!

A very good friend of mine has a very very big collection of worship music. I think he is addicted, he goes and buys like 5 albums at a time and he always lets me listen to the best songs, sending me snippets of them to listen. Yesterday he bought the new Passion 2013 – Let The Future Begin album and OH MY DAMN!!! He sent me a snippet of The Revelation Song sung by Kari Jobe. I decided to Youtube it… the video has haunted me ever since… she goes into a spontaneous worship type thing at the 3:40 min mark and the song just builds and builds then it crashes and starts again building and crashing like an ocean upon my soul. The perfect mix of emotions and glory!  Like a worship cocktail.

Now it can haunt you too, you are welcome. This song as well as My Delight is in You sung by Christy Knockels gives me goosebumps on my goosebumps. I love worship music, always have it playing at the office and I was just  thinking I need some new worship music and I had not heard of a new Jesus Culture or Bethel album yet soooo this came just in time. I don’t want to write for too long but listen to the whole album, it goes up and down drawing you in. It’s amazing! Baie BAIE dankie ! (Jy weet wie jy is)


No words needed.

Now on a totally different and unrelated note.. I NEVER EVER WANT TO BE SICK AGAIN!!! EVER. *Deep breath* Ok I’m fine, well I will be fine. Soon. On Tuesday at bootcamp our trainer thought it would be fun if she made a game where she has 6 different exercises each numbered from 1-6. She had a dice and whatever number you threw you had to do, then you had to do 50 skips. then the next round you would do what you threw the 1st round as well as what you threw for this round and then 50 skips again and so it went for 5 rounds. So you start with doing 1 exercise and then 50 skips, then 2 and skip, then 3 and skip etc etc. I can’t remember what exercise was on what number but I remember my 1st throw was 40 sit ups AND my 2nd throw was also 40 sit ups… so if you do the math I did 360 sit ups. Oh and somewhere in there I threw the number for 40 Randfontein Rolls also (laying on your back with hands under bum, bend one leg at the knee placing the ankle of bent leg just above knee of non-bent leg, lift the latter while chin is on chest… 20 each leg it works your core like a boss). As you can well imagine, sneezing was (is still) a painful experience, even laughing is painful. Phoenix and myself made the mistake of watching Friends, we started out laughing at Chandler… ended laughing at each other’s pain from laughing. At least we had fun.

Chandler, Friends


My point with this is that I wouldn’t have been in such pain, or even struggle to to 60 squats yesterday or it would not have felt as if I had phantom forearms and hands  from doing kettlebell swings, if I had not missed only 1 week (ONE WEEK – SEVEN DAYS) of exercise. Damn you tonsils!!! Damn you to heck! So now I am making sure I don’t get sick again, eating oranges as if my life depends on it, it kinda does. Also drinking iron and multivitamin tablets and just for good measure flu symptom tablets if I feel even a slight scratchiness in my throat. Bitches better know I aint getting sick again!!


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