Soak in this…

This post has been on my heart for a few weeks now and I finally came to the point where I am writing it… as you could probably gather from some of my previous posts I love worship music. I don’t call it gospel cos to me it has a different meaning. In my mind gospel means a choir with some extra vocal ladies belting out Amazing Grace. In all fairness, Amazing Grace is a… well… amazing song.

Worship music to me is the stuff that makes you see your interpretation of who God, Jesus and Spirit is in front of you , worship is what makes you sing your heart out to them, what stirs your heart, what brings heaven down to earth, what makes you escape into God’s house for however long it lasts.

So on that note here is my list of worship songs that do just that for me:

1) Come Away – Chris Qualala (Album: Jesus Culture – Come Away)

This song as far as I know was written by someone on a beach in the US while in a prayer meeting, it is meant as a song from God to us. It’s His invitation to us to go on a journey with Him, to be intimate with Him. This song builds and builds and builds and the words…

“Come away with me, come away with me.  It’s gonna be wild, it’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be full of Me”

…are so awesome. Off course anything with God would be wild and great and full of His glory and grace.

2) How He Loves Us – John Mark McMillan (Album: John Mark McMillan – The Song Inside the Sounds of Breaking Down)

I think most people recognise this song because of Kim Walker singing it during the Jesus Culture: We Cry Out conference and I had some trouble deciding whether to put her version or the original artist’s on this list. I put the original one here because of the back story and where John Mark cries (around the 6:26 mark), it makes the song so much more real. You can go read the full story here but this is the just of it:  There was a guy who was in a prayer meeting and he said to God that if his death could move a generation towards God then he would give his life. That night he died in a car accident and the next day John Mark wrote this song. He was John Mark’s best friend. Please read this post I just found about it before you listen to the song.

3) God I Look to You – Jenn Johnson (Album: Be Lifted High – Bethel Live)

This is like a declaration from the deepest saddest part of our hearts. That’s how I feel. The first time I heard it was at worship practice a few years ago, I was going through some rough times and I was not in the right place with God in my heart and I didn’t want to be at worship practice at all, I felt rebellious and then this song came on as a new song to be practiced. I broke down for the entire song. Ever since then it has never stopped influencing me.

4) For the Sake of the World – Brian Johnson (Album: For the Sake of the World – Bethel)

This is that prayer that I feel we all should be praying. “For the sake of the world burn like a fire in me, light a flame in my soul for all the world to see.” This is what we were made for; this is why we are here. To bring glory to God and to take that glory and shine it in the darkness! Matthew 28:18-20 – “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

5) Waiting Here for You – Martin Smith & Kim Walker (Album: Live from New York – Jesus Culture (Disc 1))

Breaks me down EVERY TIME!!! Sometimes when this song starts on my play list and I can’t give it all my attention then I skip it. I feel like I would be cheating God if it’s just playing in the background, without me entering into His presence. Every time I hear it I see myself standing in the Throne Room while God is out doing something, and I’m in the middle standing singing “waiting here for You, with my hands lifted high, in praise. Singing hallelujah.”  And then He comes and we have a good time.

6) Oceans (Feet may Fail) – Hillsong United (Album: Zion – Hillsong United)

I have no words for this song, right from the get go I get goose bumps, and then it just intensifies!! The woman sings it so beautifully and the words are so amazing. Like I say, no words.

7) Revelation Song – Kari Jobe (Album: Let the Future Begin – Passion 2013)

Let it be known that if you asked me what I thought of Kari Jobe last year I would say, “Meh, she’s ok, I don’t like the way she sings the Revelation Song, I much prefer how Kim Walker sings it.” Now, I HAVE to take all that back. This song (as I stated in a previous post) is awesome in every sense of the word. It carries you through your own pain and feelings of worthlessness straight to God’s feet; it helps you remember – oh yes, Seek first the Kingdom of God!

8) Obsession – Chris Qualala (Album: Consumed – Jesus Culture)

This song is at the end simply because it is the last song on Consumed. Now to completely understand my heart behind this song you need to at least watch the video without distraction, really give it all your attention… The end of this song is what makes it so amazing. But even more, when you watch the DVD of Consumed, this song just ends the DVD on such a high note. I can’t explain what happens to my heart in human words… I think only Holy Spirit knows, probably cos He is doing it.

If you have reached this point in the post I wanna say thanx for plowing ahead… I know it’s a long post. I hope you enjoyed it. Do yourself a favour and put all these songs on a nonstop list and spend some time just soaking in the music and God’s presence.


4 thoughts on “Soak in this…

  1. I attended Bethel Church, Redding, CA for about 3 years and my parents were there back in 96 when the whole thing set off with Bill Johnson visiting the Toronto Vineyard and deciding this experiencing God would be the main thing with signs, wonders and amazing worship music.
    In my opinion, you’ve presented some wonderful examples of the bethel experience of worship. I will admit that it’s powerful and it invokes some very strong emotions:
    My concern is that it is only that… It’s a self satisfying experience and it has no effect to a lost world. Bethel is just a 2010s hipster cool version of the American televangelists from the 80s, making a fortune with promises of cotton candy heaven and please send us your money.
    I will ask you this when you consider the examples of praise and worship that you posted. How often do you hear the name of “Jesus” (the name above all names) mentioned in the Jesus culture worship?
    It’s strangely missing…
    Bethel worship (Jesus Culture) and the American church is just pushing to the world the optimism and feel good gospel of cotton candy that isn’t the truth about the “Gospel”.
    Don’t drink the cool aid of American Christianity… It’s poison!


    • Hey, thanx for the comment and you have some valid points. I get what you say with regards to not hearing the name Jesus in JC’s worship a lot. To some extent I agree with you, but then if you go and look at some churches where the Psalms are still being sung, how many times do you hear the name Jesus in those? I think that if we trust the discernment of the Holy Spirit to guide us during worship then it will be more than a feel good gospel of cotton candy. I think that if everything that we take into our bodies whether by sight, smell, taste or hearing is with the discernment of God and guidance of the Holy Spirit then all will be well… I might be wrong. Again, thanx for your very insightful opinion, I hope to hear more from you 😀


  2. Way to go! What a lovely post. Some real depth! The comment by Neubeowolf is interesting. I wasn’t sure that I agreed with calling it poison, because even if it’s an accurate perception, it’s not how Jesus would respond to them. Also, I was wondering actually.. and I’m wondering because I never thought that my assumption was wrong… but isn’t worship intended to feed the soul? And by feeding the soul one is energised etc. to reach the lost? I kind of always thought that worship was just me adoring Jesus in song?

    Please help me understand 🙂


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