I am DONE, with step ONE!

Hey, that rhymes…

Stepping stone

This is what I feel my path looks like… uncertain and slightly dangerous.

For the first time since high school (which was a while ago) I have finished something that will better my life. (Hopefully).  I now close the door on my TEFL course and look for the door to my teaching overseas future… and boy, is it intimidating. Just because I have the certificates does not mean that I all of a sudden can hop onto a plane and land in South Korea, Camera, tablet and suitcase in hand, rock up at a school and be like, yo, I can speak and teach English, you got a spot for me? Hmm, maybe I should do that…

To be quite Frank (Cos I don’t wanna be Julie) I am quite scared… I don’t really know which way now, how do I apply for work? Who do I speak to? Am I REALLY finished? Where should I go? How will I even get there? I have nooo cash saved up for a flight. Luckily I don’t have to worry about it too much. My Dad in heaven is in charge and He knows what where when and how. I do have to start moving in some direction or something though.

*Special thank you to the awesome composition of Hans Zimmer in Spirit Stallion of the Cimerron, without which I would probably still have finished but not with the quality of life still in tact. Mr Zimmer, you are a genius and your music soothes my soul and should really be the soundtrack to my life!

If you have any comments or advise lemme know… I am freaking out a weeeee bit. Not a lot, just a little.


7 thoughts on “I am DONE, with step ONE!

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  2. Thanks once more for visiting my little corner of tha universe! Cool post! Oh, and yes Mr, ZImmer makes extraordinary music. I particularly fave’d the score from Gladiator! On that topic of finishing stuff…yeah, tell me all about it! It so seldom happens for me 😀


    • Its a pleasure, complementing quality has to happen. Mr Zimmer makes me happy. Just the whole Gladiator movie is simply marvelous, the music makes it a legend. Haha it seldom happens for me also, its still sinking in. Thanx for the comment.


  3. That’s an inspiring song – can’t help but feel like flying. 😀 I hope you’ll get to do what you truly love. All the best! 😀


    • I love that song – and in the movie the song plays while the horse runs behind an eagle, making him look like he can fly… so theres that hehe. Thanks for the well wishes and comments. You rock, kind person! 🙂


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