Weigh-Less Contin.

Go Jane Go!! Loving the progress that you are making…

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It’s been a while since I last updated ya’ll on how it’s going with Weigh-Less.

The first week of Step 1 was hard. Really hard. Going from 2 GnTs a night and the odd beer here and there, not to mention all the amazing coffee that Husband supplies me with, to total deprivation sucks the big one. I felt empty, nay bereft! of those things for which I feel real love.

As hard as that sounds, though, it was nothing compared to my first Saturday on WL. You see, Husband and I have this amazing weekend ritual. We ALWAYS start our weekend with the most incredible breakfast. Omelettes, or pancakes, french toast, scrambled egg and bacon, smothered with cheese, syrup, basil leaves, haloumi, olive oil, hot sauce, butter…


But I survived. I maintained my cool, calm aura of self-control. I did not accidentally spill my…

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