Bootcamp… Buttcamp

Have to…

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You guys know all about Jane’s workout routine and I thought I would stick to the theme by sharing my workout stuffs with you. I am an in no way one of THOSE!!! Oh you know what type I am talking about. Seriously, type WOD into the search of WordPress and see what comes up. Yeah… anymahoo.

I do bootcamp twice a week for one hour at a time at a private type gym that is fully kitted out for crossfit. This gym is close to Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Ruimsig. Hopefully I will be able to bootcamp 3 times a week as I used to play action netball as well but have had to stop for this year. In my mind bootcamp is the retarded younger sister of Crossfit. Anyone that has actually done Crossfit would probably agree. I USED to think this until I spoke to…

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