Oh, to travel!

Close to 3 years ago I wrote this post about 10 of my bucket list items. Since then some shit has gone down… I still have not ticked anything off BUT I am *hopefully* in my final year of my degree. Yay me. Pass the coffee!

I have things to add to the list, but that’s for a different time. This post right here will be to unpack the first item on my original list… Soooooo, go read THAT post and then come back.

You didn’t go read it, did you? All you do is carbonise and shit on my dreams. Nevermind, here it is!

Travel (this needs a subsection of it’s own)
I want to travel to so many places, and yet I can’t pin point them all and why I want to go there. But for now, I want to travel to Greece to go to the Acropolis, Mt Olympus, go to all the Greek isles, especially Delos, and see where the myths originated from. Ancient Greece is a big fascination of mine!

Yes, so I won’t talk about Greece now, I want to go there, it is beautiful, it is rich (ha… in history). Case closed.

Here are 4 more places I would like to visit, and why:

  1. Germany

I was not a big fan of history as a high school student. I remember watching the Third Reich film in high school but I did NOT enjoy it. (This may or may not be because I have a short atten… yes? Can I help you?)

BUT now since I have grown up and learned a bit more about Germany and their role in WWII, I want to be able to go see the country and go to the places where these awful things that shook humanity took place. Germany fascinates me, this huge travesty hangs over them. 75 years later and people are still kinda iffy about Germany.

To lighten the mood… some Dylan Moran.

But look at Germany now, (losing to Mexico in the FIFA World Cup) how they have turned it around for themselves, the industries and advances that has happened because of Germany. Three of the most successful automobile manufacturers hail from Germany (in case you just came out of a very long coma… BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen). It gives me hope for South Africa, I don’t want to say Apartheid… but I just did.

  1. United States of America

I know many people from the States, my aunt is from the States, loads of my friends have gone to the States to live there for a span. And, lets be real, you switch on the TV, it’s American stuff. You turn on the radio, it’s American stuff. I want to go to the factory store where this American stuff is created.


And then it says “Made in China”!

I want to go to Miami, New York and California. One sentence reasons for these are: Miami – It’s hot, it has a beach and Bad Boys was filmed there… what more do you need? New York – Makes me think of the ultimate business empire, could be very inspiring… OR I could be mugged, as a South African that is a weird sentence to type (mugged outside SA… Oh the irony)California – Also hot, but the biggest reason, I want to go to Redding and visit Bethel Church.

  1. Israel

I don’t want to do a pilgrimage, I just want to go to the places where Jesus was.  I know a couple who used to be tour guides in Israel taking groups of people basically where Jesus went. I want to go to Jerusalem, the river Jordan, (which I know is in Jordan… duh), Bethlehem, Golgotha. Just all these places. My house mate went to Israel in 2016 and she still talks about it sometimes.

Panorama of Jerusalem old city. Israel

  1. Egypt

Pyramids, sphinx, sand. Well, I joke about the last one, a bit. I want to travel here mainly because of 2 reasons. a) The rich history, the fact that a lot of what we as the human race know now, the ancient Egyptians knew loooo-hong ago. They also have a rich mythology, which I find extremely interesting. I want to see the contrast between the desert on the one side of the Nile and the rich forestry on the other.  b) Exodus. Growing up the “Moses story” was one of my favourite stories. It would just be amazing to be there.

That is all… as you were.

*PS: It would be great if you let me know where YOU would like to travel to*


4 thoughts on “Oh, to travel!

  1. Suppose my scope is not in the same range as yours, but … Botswana – going there October, then Namibia and Thailand. I don’t like traveling alone so when the right one comes along i’ll broaden my horizon and look at Germany, Greece, and Alaska. OOO, and Scotland, land of the brave, lol.

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