Socially Anti-social

Social media

So much for calling it social…

Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, Twitter, Flickr, the list goes on. Bet money that you probably have a profile on at least one of these sites. Heck, some people have a profile on ALL these sites. Sadly those people have no friends, even though Facebook says that they have over 1,000… I call BS! Most of these sites are connected, so you have Facebook as kind of your home base and then all these other sites create a copy on your Facebook. You know, for those poor unfortunate souls who refuses to have Instagram.

Little Mermaid, Poor unfortunate souls

What do you MEAN you don’t have Facebook? How do you live?

When Facebook first became popular a lot of people used it as a way of connecting to friends and family. Kind of a way of having a shared photo album without the added expense of having photo’s developed or printed. Its an easy, lazy way of knowing what is going on in a friend’s life without having to make more effort than selecting the blue “f” on your phone. Nowadays it’s way more (and to an extent way less) than that. Facebook is now aflood with selfies and hashtags (that doesn’t mean number) and status rant and raves.

Studies have obviously had a field day with the new trends emerging on Facebook and the like. Trends like selfies and #. This article, written in 2013, showed that 55 million posts had been labeled with #selfie. Upon further inspection it looks like that number has gone up to 309 million. And that is just taking into account the selfie/selfies label. Not to mention any of the other 50 selfie based labels.

There’s even a freakin song…

So why so many selfies? Some theorists suggest that it is because the pos(t)er can control what image is portrayed to their following. And who doesn’t like control? You can’t say that you post the FIRST selfie you take. You take about 20 and then choose the best one. Then you STILL go to work and filter the crap out of it. Don’t deny it. Don’t be that person. Another study shows that “sharing selfies too frequently can lead to a decrease in intimacy among friends and romantic partners.” Another one showed that “women who base their self-worth on their appearances or others’ approval are more likely to share photos online, suggesting these photos may not be doing anything to improve self-esteem. The study also concluded that women are more likely to share selfies than men as a result of a cultural fixation on women’s appearances.” A lot of the studies point towards a growing narcissism, and people basing their self-worth on the amount of likes they received. We won’t even discuss the TYPES of selfies that are being posted. The super close up, the mirror selfie, the laying on a bed selfie, the duckface. It goes on and on.

Ok so you aren’t constantly sharing selfies, but you constantly share images of your food, cat, dog, exercise regime, car… the stuff that surround you. This gives out a ME! ME! ME! image. It’s all about ME! That’s just the image we, your audience receive. Even if you are trying to tell a different story. The constant status updates about all the negatives in your life, of how you hate/dislike a certain something about a certain something be it a country, a store, a person. We have become narcissistic AND cowards. We say stuff on these sites in plain sight and then scream FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! At anyone that tries to reprimand us. “I feel this way and you can’t say anything about it to me because I can say what I want”

Listen, we all have voices, but if we all screamed our views pretty soon everyone would be deaf and nothing would be fixed.

Socialy Anti-Social

Hey, you guys wanna go have coffee and chat?

Just try putting your selfie-taker and status-update-poster, down for a bit and talk to the person in front of you. you never know, it might even be a person that you love…


9 thoughts on “Socially Anti-social

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  2. Jy spreek ‘n saak aan,wat my lankal pla en ek is bly jy stel dit so mooi.Ek gaan sommer ophou om Facebook te gebruik,want dis maar net ‘n plek waar almal(ek inkluis)spog oor die beste dinge in hul lewens.Gelukkig het ek nog nooi ‘n selfie van myself geneem!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ek het Facebook ophpu gebruik, tot ek met die blog begin het
      Dis ongelukkig die beste advertensie manier, andersins as dit is ek nie helfte so aktief soos ander my ouderdom nie.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ek plaas ook partymaal ‘n skakel op FB na my blog en het al agtergekom,mense gaan lees nie regtig daar nie en daar is net “likes” met geen terugvoer nie.FB is massaproduksie met min woorde.


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