Last little while…


I suppose it could be worse…

My mom has been visiting from Guernsey for the last 2 (almost 3) weeks, hence the lack of good writing. I do believe that in these few days I have gotten some pretty good material. I have been to Rosebank and back quite a few times and have made up my mind… I do not wish to work there. EVER. Who has the time to sit in that traffic? Honestly. An hour and a half in the morning and an hour and a half in the afternoon… granted that is peak hour traffic (stupid time). If, however, I had no choice but to work in Rosebank I would demand to only start at 10 and then Id finish at 7. Yes, that is right I do not have children or a husband that needs feeding… sheesh I don’t even have a cat but if you think about it, the people who work in Rosebank only get home at about 7 anyways thanx to the traffic so will I be losing out? NO… It’s a win win. I get to sleep late and arrive at work without having to kill someone or having the urge to pop a cap. Thank God I don’t have to work there though.

On to the next thing. Having my mom here is amazing, I really love it. And the more time I spent with her now I realise where some of my software comes from. It’s comforting to know that I didn’t REALLY fall on my head. Granted my mom might have dropped me, just for the fun of it… NAH, she wouldn’t have. Before this visit the last time I saw my mom was about 3 years ago. It’s quite a long time. The time that I’m spending with my mom at the moment is making me really miss the Rock as the people aptly call it. So I have decided to study something and go back, live there for a few years. Travel the world at the same time. Maybe this time round my brains will not be as scattered as before. BUT I was young so I’m cutting myself some slack. Life is what you make of it, isn’t that what they say… whoever they are. The other thing that has happened whilst my mom has been visiting is that we all have been eating like we were also on holiday… only 1 word can describe my state of being right now… UNHAPPY!!!!! Why does it work like that… when we go on holiday our self-discipline and self-control goes along with it? Maybe I will study human behavioural sciences and give you an answer in about 10 years. For now, whatever it is, I do NOT like it.

Just so you know this is just an update post, to show a pulse and tell you I’m still out there. I do have a few series Ideas…1) The High Heel Challenge – where I will challenge myself to wear high heels every day for a week. The basic rules are that I have to have heels on my feet for a minimum of 5 consecutive hours a day during the week and 3 consecutive hours a day during the weekend. Naturally I will be posting my comments and pain. Then 2) is I want to do a movie review week. Thats a pretty straight forward one. Soooo keep a look out…

Till next time…


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