Faith – Working out = No results

I have been camping for about 3 months (if you don’t count all the times I couldn’t go), one wouldn’t say it as I do not look that much different. One of the other instructors did say that a difference is visible, but it’s not happening fast enough. I REALLY struggle with eating right, it’s easy for someone to say cut out this and that oh and that, BUT it’s not that easy to just up and cut it out. It’s like saying “don’t look now, but that guy is checking you out” you better believe I will look so fast I’d get whiplash. That’s how people are, from the time we are pushed into this world screaming our bloody heads off, we are rebellious. Don’t believe me? Studies show that even babies are rebellious and manipulative. Tell us not to do something and we will see how serious you were about not wanting us to do something. Dylan Moran explains it best…

I thought I could help other would-be fitness junkies in the same position as me, van die wall af in die sloot, lyk dit my… (frying pan into fire) But the help that I intent to offer is not in the field of encouragement or even a light you can do it. Nope, I thought I could help by saying, there comes a time in your life when you have to realise that sitting on your blessed assurance (thank you John) is justnot gonna cut it anymore. The only person able to turn your life around is… Channing Tatum…

Channing Tatum

Nothing can be said… just take a moment.

NO IT’S NOT!! It’s you. YOU make your destiny come to pass, BUT… yeah you knew that one was coming… BUT, without God how will you know what your destiny is? Without God we strive for things that fade and eventually die. With God we strive for a better us, healthier, stronger.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for an certain of what we do not see. Now I intend to make that verse as personal as possible, I am sure of what I hope for in my exercises, I hope for a ripped body, healthy and able. I do not see it yet but I am certain that I am stronger already! FAITH!!! Also, if you squint your eyes just right then you will see that FAITH is spelt – R.I.S.K. We have to take risks, again personalising it this way, I risk going through withdrawal symptoms if I totally cut out bad carbs and esp. chocolate; I risk dying every time I exercise; I risk/sacrifice time and the fleshly desires of wanting to couch-potato it to next Tuesday. Faith is good, but it’s not enough… Faith without works is dead.

Couch potato

Let me know how that works out for you.

Anyhoozle, so this is mainly just my struggle, my inner struggle with the outer niceties that are food and sweets. Have you ever thought what it would be like if we couldn’t taste food? If we really just ate to stay alive and that was it. I think all of us would be healthy and boring. Or even better, imagine if we had to still hunt for food… Lee Evans to the rescue(from the 7:19 mark)

Sorry for the language…


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