I HATE my body…

… at the moment. I hate the fact that it picks up weight so dang quick, I hate that NO ONE sees it but me (and my older brother… who has gives 0 fucks about notifying me that “hey, those jeans sit a tad too snug”). No one seeing it is a problem for me, because I am a social person, I feed off of the energy of others (LEECH). I also like honesty, I want people to feel that they can say to me, “Don’t you think you have had enough cake?“. I might growl at you but that’s ok. Tell me anyway, seriously. I HATE this woman stereotype thing that’s going round… NEVER ask a woman how much she weighs and NEVER tell her she looks larger than before. Treat me as a human, that you respect enough not to lie to… even if it’s with good intentions. I’m not suicidal, and I won’t punch you for agreeing with me.

this is about how harmful I would be...

This is about how harmful I would be.

This politically correct thing is what’s wrong. People being too afraid to speak their mind and say “Oi, fuck you”. Ok maybe that’s too much. I feel like a 1st grade teacher saying this, but for example: If I make a statement like – “I have picked up weight”. NOTE: It’s not a question, I have done my research, I remember the glimmering days of my youth when I used to weigh less than a pro rugby player. I have climbed onto the scale and it indicated a weight that was significantly more than it used to be, which leads to me stating that I have picked up weight. SOOO, you saying, “No, you haven’t”, is bullshit. I didn’t ask you, I told you. If you feel like I don’t look like I gained then just say, “you still look fine to me“. Or some shit like that. However, if you agree with me, then say that, tell me, “yes, you have picked up weight, tone it down. Stop eating everything”. Don’t try be nice. I’m obviously a big girl that can deal with your honesty. OR, run away because obviously I am an eating machine and you might be next. Also, don’t say, “at least you are tall, so you don’t see that you’ve picked up”. You wanna know what I hear? “Bitch, stop whining, you could be short, like me”

Bet no one tells Taylor that!!

Bet no one tells Taylor that!!

I don’t know how other tall girls feel about this (so tell me in the comments… duh) but to me, being tall is something I can’t work on. Something I was born with, that I love, and don’t want it associated with the excess weight, which I hate (hey, that rhymes). I didn’t go have Dr. 90210 inject giraffe blood into my knees so that I would grow. NO, this is all an “in-my-genes” (and jeans) thing. I can’t change that.

Not my family... Found it on themetapicture.com

Not my family… Found it on themetapicture.com

Back to it, I HATE weighing enough to be a pro rugby player… in the MEN’s team. I hate my clothes not fitting me well and that I feel ugh in everything. I hate how I have back pain from bra’s not fitting properly because of extra weight. I hate how I can’t get a handle on the situation and it feels like I am swimming on the edge of a massive whirlpool of endless KFC zingerwings and cheese. Wanna know what I hate most of all? The fact that I am (STILL) whining about it, writing this post and being just another girl with body issues. I have a shit load of confidence tho so, me and my fat surprisingly firm ass will get our act together soon. Hopefully!

Just to finish of, a few things you should know regarding this post:

Its a rant, a personal, from myself, rant, sooo…

Just... DON'T!

Just… DON’T!

Oh and YES I know I swore a lot… meh.


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