Dear People with Children

  • Please stop making it seem as if someone who does not like children is the anti-christ.
  • Please don’t be offended when the person who does not like children does not melt at the sight of a picture of your child’s foot.
  • Please don’t take offence when a person who dislikes children declines the offer to look at a photo of your child.
  • Please stop trying to “evangelise” a person who dislikes children. There is no switch in their brain that gathered dust because someone forgot to flick it. They won’t change just like that.
  • Please stop freaking out about the fact that the person who does not like kids is a woman and “that’s basically what women are made for.”
  • Please hold your shitty comments of “oh, just wait till you have children of your own” or “don’t you feel empty and unfulfilled?” to yourself. This is not a “once you try it you’ll love it” kinda thing. Just stop.
  • Please, for the love of sausages and mash, do not shove your kid into the arms of a person who dislikes children because “you’ll change your mind when you hold a baby”. (What if they don’t take the baby, and it falls…?)
  • Please stop sending or tagging someone who dislikes children in all your baby YouTube videos.
  • Please know that every time you make a shitty comment, like the ones mentioned here, you make these people feel like they are incomplete and have some missing parts. So in the words of Pythagoras: “Be silent, or let thy words be worth more than silence”
  • Lastly, please understand that people are different and that does not make anyone better or worse than the other. Also understand that people who dislike children don’t necessarily HATE children. It’s more like they are indifferent and the more you push, the more different they become. Just leave them and eventually you’ll see they pick the baby up all by themselves.

There is nothing wrong with people who dislike children. They are not freaks, they are not unhappy or just being extra. They are who they are and it would be great if people could all just get along.

Sincerely, people who don’t like children.

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