Thank you, Dankie, Siyabonga

4 years


You stumbled upon my ramblings one day and decided to stay and for that I want to thank you! You didn’t judge my swearing, the odd typo or weird reading sentence. You kept coming back to my words and drew sustenance from them as if your very essence could be… yeah I went to far!

To you, my follower, I want to say thank you! My blog is 4 years old and recently (in like, the last week) I hit 400 followers. That, to me is pretty big. I can’t physically give you all a hug but I can hug my PC (Chandler style from the 2:25 mark)

Omdat ek ‘n hele paar Afrikaanse troepe ook het, hierdie een is vir julle… 1…2…3 ♪♫ eeeeeeeeek sêêêêê, baie baie dankie♫♪ vir jou oë! Dit klink creepy! Ag dankie dat jy my geskrubbel lees en aanhou terug keer! Julle ondersteuning in die Ingelse wêreld maak dit vir my soveel lekkerder om al julle kommentaar te lees maak my voel dat julle regtig omgee! I’m getting all soppy haha.

Catch up witcha laters!

Pro Tip:
Don’t keep your car’s spare keys IN the actual CAR!!
That’s not a smart move!


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