Dear youngens…

Do not take any situations for granted. Don’t ever think that nothing will benefit your life and do what you can to suck the life’s wisdom out of the more life experienced people around you, because believe you me, this will go a long way to your personal growth.

So, you have a curfew and your mom is breathing down your neck? Stop being an idiot and be thankful that you have a roof over your head. If your folks can’t pay for studies don’t use that as an excuse to loaf around. This is why working hard in school to get good grades is important. SCHOLARSHIPS or as us South Africans know it, bursaries! Your good grades make it easier on your folks to give you a good education! Unfortunately, most of you youngens, and most of us experienced stock, will only learn this long after the train has left the station. Leaving us standing there on the platform with the ticket in our hands and a confused look on our faces. Not even sure where we were going.

A child educated

Also, work on developing your pervasive qualities and skills, these are things that will help you to apply the theory you pick up in school or wherever, in the real world. I call it street smarts! If you gots the street smarts, then you can apply the book smarts in a more effective way. Things like professionalism, ethical behaviour, being a life-long learner, being able to communicate effectively are all things that will take you to the next level quicker. Future employers look at, and even REQUIRE these qualities from future employees!

Sometimes you are even able to get a job purely based on your street smarts. Then THAT job, combined with you still living rent free can lead to you furthering your own education! Yes, it’s hard work and yes you will have to be super disciplined. So freakin what? Stop being lazy and feeling entitled! Spend time with people who inspire you, if you want to be a doctor, find a doctor and spend time with him/her, ask questions, make observations. Soak up the brilliance. Be around people who share your vision and cut out people who cloud it!


Make things happen for yourself while it is still socially acceptable for you to live with the rentals. Because by the time it is no longer socially acceptable, then you are well on your way! You are then qualified and with your book- and street smarts you are equipped to take on the world and kick ass. Unless you are a pansy and too scared to step out of the comfy life into the desert that is independence!

And if you are unsure of what your passion is or what you would like to do, then my advice to you is, don’t wait 9 years before you at least try something. I am all for gap years, they serve a purpose. It is like the sorbet of life; it cleanses the pallet for the next meal! It readies you! Don’t get stuck in the gap though, one cannot live on sorbet alone! Do something, ANYTHING, that will give your life meaning on the greater scale.


You owe it to yourself, your parents and greatest of all, to your Maker!

The adults of the world!!


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