NEVER stop!!

This adult student theme seems to be a stuck record, it could be worse… Funk Soul Brother could be stuck at that “Right here, right now” part. That shit would just be too much. As per usual, I refer to my good friend (he doesn’t know it yet, but we are, totally, like, BFF’s) Dylan Moran.

Back to what I’m trying to say, become an adult student, never stop learning. Once you get that bee in your bonnet to start studying again, it’s like going into the store room of your brain where all previously important junk is stored and having to find all the parts of your brain that would work together to get you to learn new things. You know the room of which I speak, for some it’s the garage. Where the treadmill and spinning machine parts are, because yoh fat ass decided it was taking up too much space but, “I can’t sell it or throw it out because I will totally use it again”. If you just carried on using those things in the first place, yoh ass wouldn’t be fat. Same with your brain, I believe that the brain is a muscle (medical peeps, I do know it’s NOT) but if you look at how it works, surely it can be classified as a muscle? Quick “brain muscle” Google search came up with this:

New research shows that the brain is like a muscle. It gets stronger with practice. Scientists have been able to show just how the brain grows and gets stronger when you learn. Scientists have shown that, when people study hard and learn new ways to study, their brains change and grow. – Grow Your Brain | Khan Academy

On that note, I challenge you, learn something knew! Work that muscle! You want to learn to speak another language? Learn to take the perfect photo for that Instacrap thing? Learn  to dance? Learn how to paint or draw? Learn to play a musical instrument? Start doing it. I watched this TED ED video about how the speaker learned how to play the guitar in 20 hours. He explains that you can learn a new skill in 20 hours… that’s 1hour a day for 20 days – you learn your new skill within a month. Obviously things like learning a language would take slightly longer, but get started again at least. Watch this for some motivation:

Sorry, what’s that excuse you have? Oh you don’t have money. You don’t have time.


LOVE Will Smith

Yeah that’s right… bull shit! We live in the information age, people. You have the entire world of information literally at your fingertips!! Thank God for internet. You don’t need money to learn most things, there are endless tutorials on YouTube, endless experts (albeit self-proclaimed) taking the time to write down or video their skill to help others. Obviously you have internet, because you are reading this post.

And I don’t believe that you have no time… again, you are reading this post. So you are obviously just browsing through the internet. (Unless you are part of my elite following and you eagerly await my next piece of brilliance). What about all the time you spend watching series? Movies? Playing games… yeah looking at you CoD, LoL, WoW, and so on fans. What about the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter time? What about all the hours of sleep? Wait, before you yell at your computer that you need your beauty sleep… Studies show that adults (folks older than 18) need at the least 7 hours of sleep. I know that sleep is good for you and those around you, but too much sleep is bad for you. I heard someone say:

” People are afraid of death, yet they spend a third of their lives asleep”

Think about that!

Love this clip on Madagascar…

Stop making excuses why you are not pursuing your dreams. People aren’t interested in your excuses, it’s your results that WOW them.

Never stop learning!


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