New years hoax!


December rolls by and you find yourself growing more and more restless because in just a few short weeks you will be able to enjoy some time resting and restoring. January feels far away and so does the idea of having to wear pants or a bra or talk to other adults about anything other than food and swimming.

You structure your life in the way that if something needs to be done in December, like say, cleaning the house, painting that desk, anything that could be postponed, you put it down as part of your resolution for the next year. In effect taking all responsibility away from yourself and putting it onto future self. Weirdly enough the people around you, who have stopped to observe this abhorrent behavior,  go along with it because “it’s good to have goals to work towards.”

Then after the holiday in which you spent to much money on people that you spend too little time with, you have this false sense of bravado. Ready to jump into the new year because, well, it’s a new year. No, dumbass, it’s merely a new month! Making these resolutions to pump yourself up to be a better human being in the next year only serves as a lie to yourself. Because as gym stats have proven… new year, new me doesn’t last all that long. Especially when people discover that it takes way longer than a few weeks to transform oneself into a new person. I seem to have strong feelings about this one… as mentioned in THIS previous post from last New Year.

If I could be a human behavioral scientist for a day I would study the New Year’s resolution phenomena in depth. To understand the thought process behind needing something to look forward too, to urge us forward and prevent us from losing our minds. To understand why people enter a new year full of gusto that just slowly fizzles and fades away. Until they catch themselves in August thinking, “the desk is still not painted, WTF have I done this year?”


Those have a more immediate deadline!!

We should by all means still makes goals, but rather than postponing them till the beginning of a year, month or week. Why not just jump in and start right away? Take small steps in the right direction that will get you there quicker than the promise of a leap in the right direction at a specific time. If you are wanting to be healthier then start right now, don’t wait for new years because, heck… Jy gaan lank wag, my pjel!

Van uitstel kom afstel!!!

11 thoughts on “New years hoax!

  1. Dis so waar.Dis soos om jou kamer netjies te hou,deur elke keer alles op die regte plek te sit.Dan hoef mens nie te wag totdat alles deurmekaar is en jou dan vrek te werk om reg te stel nie.

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    • Daars die waarheid nou. Soos n olifant op my longe!! (Ek coin daai sêding sommer nou). Dis ook soos om heeltyd gesond te eet sodat jy n gewig maintain waarmee jy kan saam lewe, eerder as om te wag nadat jy vark was in Desember om jou nuwe lyf uit die vet te try kerf!! (Ek is die 2de een)

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