Let’s live animated!

How cool would it be to befriend an ogre, or get irritated by a talking donkey, or remember at least 2 addresses for the rest of our lives (Oh, wait, we already do that 😉 ), or to ride around the world on a magic carpet, or travel on a ship through space to find planets, or to collect thingemabobs, or to be a lost princess, or even just a girl not fitting in with girly things, to be friends with a meerkat and warthog, to be a cocky wild stallion fighting to get home, to find a lost city, to find a GOLDEN city and pretend to be a god, to be a robot finding a way to save other robots, or another robot that is your own personal health care professional, to build a snowman, to live in the ice age, to be a celebrity in Madagascar, to love a beast, to train  a dragon, to know your emotions have emotions… honestly the list goes on and on and ON.

Finding Nemo

“You know it’s spelt just like the word ESCAPE!”

How often have you wished to es-CAH-pay into the world of an animation? I’m 27 and still wishing. Recently I remembered some of the forgotten gems of animation. Oh just a quick disclaimer – I am a movie nut and I drive my friends a tad crazy with my quotes. Show me a movie, especially a comedy and animation and you will hear quotes for a lo-hong time. So these dusty gems…

Road to El-Dorado

Road to El Dorado

“They call us Miguel and Tulio, mighty and powerful gods!”

Tulio and Miguel pretend to be gods when they find the golden city of El Dorado, after escaping from an angry mob and the authorities in Spain. There’s a funny horse (I think that’s maybe where Maximus from Tangled gets his personality) It’s hilarious, my favourite quote from this movie would be Miguel saying to Tulio after being caught out for using loaded dice “You gave me loaded dice? HE GAVE ME LOADED DICE!! Guards arrest him!” Or “You know that little voice that tells you to stop while you’re ahead? You don’t have one.” Watch it. Just. Watch. IT!

Road to El Dorado

One of the best scenes!

And, who doesn’t like soundtracks by Sir Elton John? Comedy and Elton, what more do you want?



Don’t fail me now!

Not an inherently funny animation, but as animations go, there are naturally some funny parts. The Romanov family in Russia gets wiped out by a curse and a princess survives due to head injury caused amnesia. There is an extremely funny little bat, Bartok (Voiced by Hank Azaria). All the funny quotes are from him. *Read in a weird Russian accent*


“A party in Paris? Oh, I could teach you the latest dance step. It starts with like a WHO and then you get really crazy with the hips. Its fun” But most of all I just love this movie because of the songs. It’s just beautiful. Go listen to the one here!! I recently watched it again and well At the Beginning has been on replay for days!

Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet

Meet Jim Hawkins!

This is quite easily one of the most underrated animations ever. It’s funny, and awesome. Futuristic setting with a stubborn teenager and weird alien type creatures, flying through space on actual ships, Pirates of the Caribbean looking ships, to find Treasure Planet. Oh and then there is the little Morph, pink stuff that can morph into anything.

Again, a brilliant song sung by Goo Goo Dolls front man John Rzeznik, and some great memorable quotes: “Let me make this as… monosyllabic as possible.” “A ludicrous parcel of driveling galoots,’ ma’am.” Oh and “Was I ever dancing with an android named Lupé?”

Treasure Planet

A little uglier…

My point? I want to live in an animation. It would be awesome!


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