“No” is not a swear word!!

There is a sermon by Danny Silk from Bethel Church in Redding California, in which he says, “in order to say yes, you need to be able to say no”, then he proceeds to tell the story of Jesus walking through a crowd of people thronging against Him to receive some kind of healing miracle. Then a man comes up to Jesus and requests that Jesus come heal his daughter and Jesus is like, “Yeah, sure.” In that moment, Jesus says no to the entire crowd of people. By saying yes to Jairus, He said no to many others. And there is NOTHING wrong with that. Silk also says that if Jesus was anything like us, He would still be in Jerusalem today, giving out healing and performing miracles, cos we are too afraid to say no.

Last one, then I have to get going. I have to save the world, you know!

Last one, then I have to get going. I have to save the world, you know!

How many times have you inconvenienced yourself because of your inability to say no? Because we have been taught that saying no means we don’t care enough about others, because saying no means that we are selfish and self-centred, because saying no means that you don’t love the person you are saying no to. We are brought by people who have had to struggle through their own set of rules set for them by people who didn’t know any better either. But surely that doesn’t mean it is right, or even LAW, or that we shouldn’t challenge those societal rules. Surely, me saying no to you should not warrant you calling me selfish or any other choice words.

The world has turned many Christians into dormant volcanoes. We build up things like resentment and anger and all sorts of unsavoury things because speaking about them is not “Jesus-like”. We suppress everything until it only takes one small little feather to disrupt the peace of the volcano and we erupt in a fiery mess and destroy everything around us. Pompeii is all I’m saying…


I’m fine now, but say one more thing about my smoking…

We suppress because we are told that we should deal with ourselves in the comfort of our own homes and not inconvenience others by making a scene. Because, that’s “MOS” exactly what Jesus did when he got to the synagogue (what a weirdly spelt word, I mean honestly… wouldn’t it be easier if it was just sinagog?) and people were trading all sorts of things in there. Jesus didn’t proceed to flip tables over and whip everyone into a frenzy!! Oh no, wait, that’s EXACTLY what he did. Here’s a fun fact for you, Jesus was ANGRY!

*side note, don’t go flipping tables and such because you are angry that your ice cream fell on the floor, don’t be that guy. Jesus had righteous anger, the kind that you get when your Dad’s house is being used as a shopping mall.

We are told not to get angry, well that’s just unsafe. That’s like putting a pot filled with water on the stove and telling it not to boil, but then cranking up the heat. It will boil, we will get angry. Don’t tell us not to, rather teach us how do deal with our anger in a healthy way. Just like it would be better to teach us how to say no when we really should. For example, that second large pizza with extra cheese, no, or that friend who seems to not get the hang of their finances, even tho you had loaned them money before, no. After a while you aren’t helping anymore, you are just hurting. That candy crush request that you KEEP RECEIVING – BIG OL’ NO!

Candy Crush

How about NO!?

I’m not saying don’t be spontaneous or become a heartless, cold No Man. (Don’t be like Jim Carrey in Yes Man either… you know what I mean!!) All I am saying is that no is not a swear word and people shouldn’t make you feel bad for using it.

It’s a small powerful word… use it!


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