This is Serie-ous!!!

Game of Thrones, Suits, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Once Upon A Time, No Life… oh no wait, that last one is not a series, but you get my point. With so many options on the series buffet table for the brain it’s no wonder we struggle with real life stuff!!

So much to watch, so little time!!

So much to watch, so little time!!

We engross ourselves so deep into our fantasy lives that when our real lives fall apart we don’t understand why. By real lives I mean the life where you have to work for your food and where your boyfriend doesn’t take you back when you cheated on him. The life where if you are running away from some drug dealers and find yourself in the middle of some big attorney firm’s interviews the last thing that will happen is you get a job. Or MAYBE these things just happen in America, I can’t think why they have employment issues…

Classics!! This is what it was all about!

Classics!! This is what it was all about!

Anyway, I haven’t watched series of any kind for almost a year. What I mean by watched is, I haven’t lost days worth of time by binge watching one series till the birds let me know its time to wake up from not sleeping and get ready for work, where all you can think about is whether Dexter will find the person who did that nasty thing to that other person! No, I didn’t go on a brain cleanse or something weird like that. I just didn’t have a pc to watch it off of. Well, that and my previous housemates did not have a TV. I gotta say It’s been great. You have a crap load of time if you don’t spend all your time watching other people live their lives. That being said, I do love series but the classics, like Friends, Scrubs, Seinfeld,  you know the good stuff. Oh but wait, Harvey Specter!!!!!  Oh mama!

I like you too...THIS. I mean THIS

I like you too…THIS. I mean THIS

So, maybe I just need a serie-ous intervention. I recently got a laptop (a blessing from an amazing lady) and I am trying not to get sucked into the series vortex! Apart from working 2 jobs and doing classes and church, basically not having time for much other than catch up on sleep, it has been great not being consumed by the need to know what is happening next in a show. Or the agony of having to wait a whole year for the next season… YES, I am looking at you all my Game of Throne’rs, only a few more months till the killing continues, I don’t know why you all just don’t read the books. Spoiler-alert, averted! I am aiming to read the books this holiday,  but I am so far behind in the reading I should have done for class soooo yeah, my priorities are out of whack! For now, I am watching Friends because it makes me feel good.

Hmm... I don't fully agree with that but its a good quote non the less.

Hmm… I don’t fully agree with that but its a good quote non the less.

What series are you stuck on or can’t wait for?


9 thoughts on “This is Serie-ous!!!

  1. O ek STERF oor die Hannibal series, ek kan nie wag vir die volgende een! O, en natuurlik Oz (the good old stuff). En ek het nooit Game of Thrones gekyk nie, maar ek is verslaaf. Het van episode 1 tot die laaste gekyk en kan nie wag vir die nuwes!


    • My vorige housemate is ook gek oor Hannibal (al gee dit haar nagmeries). Ek kon nie eens die movie kyk nie so ek dink nie ek sal ooit die series waag nie. Ek hou maar by die comedy. Ek is in 2 geskeur oor GoT, ek wil dit kyk maar wil ook nie. Wil upstream wees, teen die volk. Andersom! So ek sal die boeke lees en wanneer die HYPE af is sal ek die reeks kyk haha.

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  2. I binged watched Breaking Bad over the summer and loved it! I’ve been watchng the Walking Dead for the past few years and really like that, too. Someone recently told me that I should watch Dexter, so I think that I’ll add that to the ‘must see’ list.

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    • I watched the first 4 seasons of Dexter last year, it just got way too intense for me. Breaking bad and Walking Dead haven’t really struck any fancy in me so I doubt I would watch those.

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