Snip or Ink?!



Rebel?! Tough guy/girl?! Idiot?! Drunk?! WHY?! Come on, you know you have thought these things when seeing someone with a tattoo or 50. Why is that though? Why do we judge people based on what they choose to permanently mark their bodies with? So what if you were drunk and in a different country, where they have no qualms about tattooing a bulldog on your bicep whilst (I like this word) you are drunk. Stuff the haters that say it’s stupid to drink before going to get inked simply because alcohol does something funky to your blood and well, you know, getting a tattoo is mainly just being stabbed with a needle hundreds of times… bottom line is. BLOOD happens.

It’s like people can’t just be happy. We judge people who have tattoos, we judge people who have one too many non-conservative piercings, we judge people who cut their hair in weird styles. Business in the front and PARTY at the back style… you know what I’m sayin’. WE are constantly judging the people who alter their looks based on what we can see. What about what we can’t see? Hmm? What about the botox and implants (front and back… I’m lookin at you J’Lo), what about the collagen, the nips and tucks, the nose jobs? What about the individual who had lost so much weight that drastic measures need to be taken to get rid of excess skin?  We don’t judge them because, they must have had a bad self esteem so more power to them. And then these exact people will turn around and judge those that have visible changes or marks. You is all fake, don’t be telling me that my tattoo makes me less worthy. You can’t even smile, so stuff you.

Alllll of that being said, there is a line, surely? There must be space you get into where you look at yourself in the mirror and think, “I literally have no more uninked skin on my body, except for that little bit where my future kids should be coming from, maybe I should stop now?!” Or you know, “I literally do not recognise myself after the 5 nose jobs, the 3 brow lifts, collagen and what not?!”. The sad thing is, you can’t Ctrl+Z that shit. You can’t save and go back to before you started. Spyt kom altyd te laat. Hyt nie ‘n blerrie horlosie nie, maar hyt ‘n GPS!

Amanda Lepore, Plastic surgery

Surely this is worse than tattoos??

Why all the hate on those that choose to mark their bodies visibly? I personally see it as a walking talking journal. Maybe you would learn something from these people if you took the time to sit and listen to the stories and events that inspired each of the pictures/words/signs on their body.

More to come… watch this space!



10 thoughts on “Snip or Ink?!

  1. Ek stem 1005 saam.

    Ek is net so verslaaf aan tattoos en piercings, en dit pla my nie wat mense daarvan dink nie. Hulle het geen idee wie of wat ek is nie, so stuff them.

    Kan jy dink hoe dit is om tussen die ander mammas te staan langs die rugbyveld? Hehehehehe!

    Maar ok, bygesê, ek lyk ook nie soos die ou in die eerste foto nie. Nie dat ek sou omgee nie…


    • Ek gaan in n volgende post nog n ietsie oor tattoos en piercings se, maar ek kan net dink watse geremoer is daar om die rugby veld.

      ek moet se ek sou nou wragies nie soos die ou in die eerste foto wil lyk nie. Vir my is dit n bietjie te erg. Maar soos ek se, hys n storieboek.

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