Non-Singles dumb things…

DISCLAIMER: I don’t hate on couples, I love having couples as friends and seeing their love blossom as they fight to the death… oh no wait, wrong cross over. But sometimes the people (mostly females) freak out about stupid things like these:

Toilet Seat

The great war about the toilet seat, for years and years since the toilet seat was invented women have been obsessed with starting fights cos he left the flippen toilet seat up. Listen, ladies, he has to pick it up when he uses the toilet so just use your hand like a big girl and put it down. If you are one of those germ-a-fobe people then use your foot. Another alternative is just learn to close the toilet entirely after you use it! Solves so many stupid problems. Seriously, it’s just a toilet seat. Love this scene from What Happens in Vegas.


Origin: Middle English: from Latin anniversarius ‘returning yearly’, from annus ‘year’ + versus ‘turning’

 My other problem is with people (mostly females) that freak out because the other person forgot to remember that one day many days ago that he first set eyes on your slightly drunk face with the smudged mascara and decided, “her, I want her to be a part of my life for the foreseeable future, her with the tangled hair and the broken heel”. Ok, ok, I know not everyone meets when they are drunk. The guy sees the girl boarding a train and gathers up the years of courage, goes to her and asks her on a date. Women, he has probably got so much adrenaline pumping in his body and he is thinking about what if you reject him. Fight or flight is a real thing! Now you want him to remember what day he did that on? Seriously? He was either drunk or not thinking. Just be glad he asked your ass out, be glad he had that courage (tequila) to go up to you and make a move! Just, just be freakin happy about something!

So cute it hurts!

So cute it hurts!

If it is the day you got married then still, don’t freak out if the person remembers. I wouldn’t want special treatment on only one day in a year. I would want to treat and be treated specially every day after the wedding! That’s why you got married isn’t it? Just be freaking happy he chose to stick with you even after knowing how mentally ill you are and he doesn’t get any government money! It’s a minor thing. If he forgets to pick up the children from school and you wake up in the middle of the night remembering the thing you forgot which is your child sitting outside the school THEN you may freak out, but only a little cos, bitch, you forgot too!

Another thing that pisses me off is people that celebrate EVERY. FREAKIN. MONTH!!! It’s called an ANNIVERSARY. It commemorates a day that comes around ANNUALLY, YEARLY!! It’s not called a monthiversary! And naturally this adds the pressure onto the other person to remember this specific date, every month, not out of love, but out of fear for being kicked!


It doesn't work that way.

It doesn’t work that way.

I know people are different, yes I get that and people take offence when none was meant. Don’t choose to have it out in the middle of a store, or at a braai, or in the bar. Just calm your tits till you are in a private place (where there will be no witnesses) to fight it out. There is not a lot of things that make me uncomfortable but one of the main things are fights. I HATE FIGHTS! Fights in front of other people who had nothing to do with whatever you are fighting about to be is a bit disrespectful. Fights in front of your children HELLS NO!!! That makes me angry and then I wanna fight! Children remember things like that! and they will start treating your or your partner the way you treat each other, with disrespect. I do like bar fights though. I would go to a bar just too see 2 big ass rugby player types, size each other up and see which one can swing his steroid pump harder than the other. I would pay to see that because its action, not verbal. Words hurt where plasters don’t stick!

I feel this is part one… for now! *Deep breath*


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