To tweet or not to tweet… what a question?

Twitter, Tweet, Hashtag

Ugh!!! Why, oh why!?

I HATE hashtags!!! There, I said (screamed) it… *Breathe*.  I miss the days when people knew that a hash sign was to indicate a number like “look at #6” or it was the button on your phone that you pushed after entering your number so that the automated machine can know, ok… person done now. Or if you take the # and stop it from almost falling over you get that little grid that you (well, I) used to draw all over the back of a piece of paper in class to kill time. Playing noughts and crosses with that awkward girl because aaaallll your friends were in different classes. Sigh, it was a difficult time, but I think I made a difference in awkward girl’s life. (Awkward girl was me, sometimes)

Noughts & Crosses

The go to awkward silent moment, I want to think of NOTHING, game!

The poor little sign gets abused, all the time, by men and women, grownups and teenagers. I have to say, if you use a # excessively, I immediately think you are an idiot, or you are desperate for a hug and I shall find you and hug you past the point of comfort.  (If you are one of my friends and do this, it doesn’t mean that I love you any less… it just needs to be said). FREE HUGS!! Then if you combine the sign with that bloody SELFIE word and you gots the recipe to instant slaps! But yet, there is a song with that exact name… *Facepalm*. To be fair, I like the beat of the song, if the words were taken out I could jam to it. If you don’t know it… here you go, enjoy! (oh look, pouting… hat-trick for slaps)

So where is all this coming from? Yes, ok, here goes. I have been wrestling with the idea, fleeting thought, of creating a twitter account. Queue GASP!!! I know, its MADNESS!! (I am screaming THIS IS SPARTA in my head right now) I realise the pro’s of using twitter as a means of networking, which is what I would use it for, but is my soul worth it? Will I be able to stand idly by as my soul sails away into the tweet abyss riding atop an @ sign, using a hashtag to steer through the vast ocean of mind numbing tweets about which celebrity was seen where with whom?! NO!! The answer is a loud resounding, reverberating, thundering (and a few more adjectives) NOOOO!!!

I posted this pic onto my facebook page ( it perfectly describes how I feel about hashtags….

Death by Hashtag




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