Gambling: The shotgun post

Sitting in bed next to Jane trying to do some TEFL, when all of a sudden my brain goes…. Uhhhhh glu glu glu. My concentration level had hit its max. I turn to Jane and say “First topic that comes to mind”, “Gambling” She says*. So, here we go, a shotgun post about gambling. I suppose letting the creative juices flow would help with opening some space in the concentration box so I can finish the TEFL stuff without having to pay for an extension…



You know what else nobody got cash for? Gambling… And if you do have cash for gambling, surely you shouldn’t be gambling?! I know that makes no sense but if you sit and think about it, its a total waste. If you are a single person and gambling then surely there is a flaw in your personal budget. Seriously, if you can waste anything on gambling then there is something wrong. You might argue that gambling can be recreational. I call a big fat BULLSHIT to that. Movies, dining out, going to the magic company, even going clubbing is recreational. Gambling is the non lazy way of throwing money away. Hey, at least you can pat yourself on the back for doing more than lighting a fire and chucking piles of cash onto it. Rather you are getting dressed up (if you still have a shred of dignity) getting into a car, driving to a casino and sitting at a machine feeding the monster. If you sense judgement, then well done, I mean judgement.


They won R100… after they spent R500. Such happiness!

If you are married and have children AND you gamble then you are a fecking douchebag! If you gamble but your family is struggling financially then you should be beaten, with a fish! I have gone to Monte Casino here in Johannesburg quite a few times. Not to gamble, but to watch a movie or go eat something, or watch Nutcracker on Ice. I have gambled before and in all fairness I love playing poker, but I don’t make bets with money! And the times I have gambled I have purely done it so as not to be THAT person. You know the ones I am talking about, those people who refuse to do something and then make the rest of the night feel awkward. (It was honestly just a suggestion, the handcuffs were optional!! GOSH!) Anyway, so at Monte Casino late at night if you walked around in the car park, you are sure to see some kids SLEEPING in the car… yes that’s right. Sleeping, cos their useless parents are “working” wasting their money.

"Mommy has to sell one of your kidney's to pay the big nasty Nigerian!"

“Mommy has to sell one of your kidney’s to pay the big nasty bookie”

I don’t think the games on the internet (that you don’t use money for) are any better. It is simulating gambling. What do pilots do to practice flying without putting lives in danger and not actually having to put on pants? They get into a flight simulator, so that they still know how to and what not to. I feel those games on the internet are simply simulating gambling and you are lying to yourself if you think that you have beaten the monster.

But, who am I to throw around judgement. You could argue that shopping or clubbing or drinking is a worse way of spending money. You could see it as a waste, and I get that. Having clothes, having a good time and meeting new people is such a big waste, no one should do it. Why am I so harsh? Cos I am a bitch, but also, I have first hand experience of what gambling can do to a person’s childhood. You might think that this would make me more sympathetic towards gamblers, but in all seriousness it has had the opposite effect.

*Jane did not know that this was for a blog post, she was thinking about the articles she has to write on gambling.


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