Radio Rage

Most of the time I hate listening to the radio while I drive. Maybe the fact that I have no car is a blessing in disguise… no, no its not. Cos in my own car I would not be listening to the radio. Why, you ask? Well for the same reason I do not like watching TV… meaningless chatter and adverts. YES! I HATE them. Oh and the DJ’s think they are sooooo funny, listen buster, if you were as hilarious as you thought you would not be on radio, you would be out there in theaters and places where live acts perform, like our own Trevor Noah. Damn that guy is funny!! Sigh. Join in the fun with this little snippet.


You sang that didn’t you?

Anyway, back to my ranting. So these DJ’s think they are so funny and that they have all this power to sommer just say and do exactly what they want. No, shut up, you aren’t funny and the reason you are a DJ is cos… you is ugly! *Deep breath*. I am fine. My issue is mainly with the adverts, in all fairness, sometimes the DJ’s are funny. But surely we all want to be listening to some radio, some beats, some soothing sounds!


I get extremely uptight when the radio is on and some awesome song is playing and the bastards stop the song midway, 2 minutes into the song, to tell me about TRAFFIC! Bitch, I am in the traffic, I know where it is at. Don’t tell me things I already know, play me a damn tune so that I can stop thinking about the idiot who cut in front of me. (This is of course what I would be like if I, in fact, DID sit in traffic). What I do find is that if I have my own music in the car I keep skipping the songs, even though it is all the songs I currently dub as my favorites. So I end up listening to the beginning of about 20 songs and maybe 2 minutes of that new song by Avicii. So maybe there is just no pleasing me.


you want a smoke and a pancake?

I would love a radio station that really does just play songs!! Please someone make this happen!!!


3 thoughts on “Radio Rage

  1. Heh… sadly you hear those “Funny DJ’s” everywhere and as for myself, I only listen to my mp3 while I drive. Nice post, keep it up!


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