Up the game…

So the mistake seems to be asking your bootcamp trainer to train you a little harder… Phoenix and I have reached a place with bootcamp where we still look fine and can walk when we leaveafter an hour of exercise. Our bodies have reached that limbo place and thats not where you wanna be when trying to obtain the death machine body.

“Maybe we must ask her to train us harder…” seemed like a good idea at the time. Then she gave us each two 8kg kettlebells and we had to do most of our exercises with them bells. Lunges, with bells, squats with bells… people lemme just do the math for ya real quick 8+8=16. SIXTEEN kilograms added to each squat and then having to lift  that weight above your head without hitting yourself on the way up or actualy dropping it on your own head. Believe me, holding onto that 8kg kettle bell and still lifting it overhead after about 10times becomes a real act of faith.

Don’t even get me started on the exercise hangover, its hectic. You know its gonna be a bad hangover when you have to crawl out of bed cos your legs are wobbly. Unlike drinking hangovers, these hangovers don’t just go away when you drink a strong cuppa joe or have an oily fry up. This particular babbalas lasts for days and the second day is worse than the first, it’s like the muscles suddenly wake up on day two and go… “I’m sure we missed something yesterday… oooooh yes, BAM!!! Thats for you darlin’.”  At the time I immediately regretted the dicission, but now I’m proud. It really is an awesome pain.


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