Dressing up

Not in the sense of dress up parties where you have to look for toilet rolls to make that perfect sword to go with your Spartacus look. No no, the dress up I speak of is where you put effort and thought into the outfit you will be prancing around in for the day. Today, I opted for the good ‘ol pencil skirt/suit look complete with stockings and heels (them heels making me even more tall). It’s amazing what feeling professional does to the mind. I got to work and was straight in, making calls and setting up stuff. Maybe, and I might be wrong here, just maybe the whole thing is a result of having a car for the first time in a while. Granted it’s not mine but still, it restores a sense of self and independence that you never even knew was gone until it stares you in the face.


Get in mah belly!!!

Also, dressing up for a night out, whether it is to go clubbing or ten pin bowling, or in my case, going to a Mrs South Africa CANSA Gala Dinner with the Phoenix, gives you a sense of girlyness and importance! Granted we were at a Miss Hooters Swimsuit pageant before the Gala Dinner. I could almost feel my IQ drop with each poppie strutting her stuff down the ramp and not being able to speak English. (I am proudly Afrikaans, but dayam, I can at least speak English fluently). Ok, to be fair there was only one poppie that couldn’t speak English, but still, if you aim to be miss Hooters and represent South Africa in Las Vegas, you gots to sprekkin ze English. There aint go’ be no judge asking you questions in Afrikaans there. We got all dollied up in the bathrooms just before the Gala dinner started.


Mrs South Africa

Swank and Phoenix with 2014 Mrs South Africa 1st Princess.

Lemme tell you, there is no feeling such as the feeling you get when you are surrounded by mostly beautiful women who have obviously impressed people enough for them to say, “you know what, you should try out for that Mrs South Africa thing”. These women were/are stunning. It was quite the event. My favourite part has to be the Muses, they are amazing. All strings South African girl band. They cover pop songs and they ooooooze confidence and attitude! Love it! Check this video out!

Anyway, so my whole thing is just, wanna feel good about yourself? Just spend some time dressing up. Guys you can also do it. Shorts and tshirt doesn’t ALWAYS work ;).


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