Engrish is hard, no wait, difficult.

Yes, the spelling mistake is on purpose and yes, it is purposefully done to sound like an Asian person is saying it.

All hail...

All hail…

Ok, so English is quite hard. As you can see by my mass of other entries, I am on a self proclaimed very advanced level, those that know me, and have spoken English to me might agree with me. (I say might because I might also be making a lot of mistakes here and will be judged accordingly). Apart from the 3 English speaking house mates I have (have had). One of them is a teacher, the other has a degree in English Literature and the other is studying to be top of the food chain AKA a civil engineer… ALL of them grew up in English homes and NONE of them really speak anything other than English with the slight dab of sarcasm and crap. So you can well imagine what my life, living with these Super English people is like. Getting corrected for using are instead of is, or, you know, them not hearing right and choosing to correct anyway. Which really doesn’t bother me, because they are helping me.

English, Grammar

I’m Afrikaans and I do this…

You know what else would help? If somehow they (and all other English people in my life) could give me a brief lesson in present perfect continuous tense (amongst other things), and help me to understand why the hell it is so complicated. Why, you ask? Well, recently I started doing an online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course to enable me to go to a different country (hopefully South Korea) to teach English there. Lemme tell you, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that knocks your English speaking, writing and yodeling confidence like seeing how difficult it really is to learn from scratch.

Sentence, sense, fun


Especially for people who don’t have it taught as a fourth language, let alone a second.  I count myself lucky that I grew up with English and that I had people in my life who forced me to speak English to them. Don’t get me wrong, Afrikaans is still, and will always be, the heavenly language, the language you speak when you want people to know you are passionate about EVERYTHING from rugby to the chocolaty taste that the cake you had has.

Dis die taal wat jy praat wat mense laat weet dat jy het gees, talent, kultuur en n sekere vlak van brannewyn in jou bloed. Dis die taal wat jy praat wanneer jy wil skinder oor daai lelike meisie in die club wie se rompie eintlik net n groot belt is, net om later uit te vind sy is oook Afrikaans. Dis die taal wat jy gebruik wanneer jy kwaad of gelukkig is, wanneer jy jou toon stamp (oh, nee wag, dit is vloek).

But, I have to agree with… mostly everyone… English is the most widely understood and spoken language worldwide. So, to all my school English teachers, even the ones in the trees… even if you weren’t my teacher, and aren’t in a tree… I salute you. I will forever have a very high level of renewed respect for you, because this shit is difficult. (Please try not to do your teacher thing on this post)


It’s true…


3 thoughts on “Engrish is hard, no wait, difficult.

  1. As a native English speaker, I have no idea what the “perfect present continuous” tense is. I do find verb tenses interesting though. My parents may have been forced to learn that sort of thing at school, but I doubt that they would remember it now.


    • I remember learning the tenses thing in primary school as well as high school and I NEVER knew what was going on. I wrote tests on what sounded right in my head.


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