Confession Bear

Recently I have been hooked on 9gag. If you are one of those unfortunate people who do not know 9gag, it is the place where life goals go to die. Not in the bad sense. Imagine a black hole; that is what 9gag is. At first you think, I will just look at a few of these memes and or funny gifs and then all of a sudden its 4 hours later and you realise you long ago stopped feeling your ass. Also, the kettle you switched on for your 9gag coffee is cold and you will have to get up (such a schlepp), wait for ass to wake up and switch it on… again… queue repeat of above.


One thing that you will definitely see is the confession bear meme (I have NO idea how to pronounce this freakin word). And somehow this has become the sharing platform for anyone who has something disturbingly embarrassing and socially frowned upon. Sometimes these are funny, sometimes these are gross and sometimes I find myself hoping that a police officer is monitoring 9gag and catch the bathterd that posted it. As a general rule I skim over the bear ones, I feel sorry for the people because they do not have any close friends or family that have established a safe place for them to be themselves and so they have to be all weird and wonderful on a very popular website… as a talking bear. Yes, sure you can’t tell everyone that you still eat your boogers and in those cases you write that on a piece of paper and burn it. But you know, lets provide entertainment for all the other poor unfortunate souls in the vortex that is 9gag.

Oh how we all wish we knew...

Oh how we all wish we knew…

Here are some of the funny and gross and weird ones I saw now… bear (hehe) in mind that 9gag gets posted on by millions of people DAILY!! That’s a lot of confessions.



Come to think of it, confession bear is the shorter version of most blogs…


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