At least try…

Afrikaans has this awesome saying (that I hated when I was younger): Kan nie is dood van kruiwa stoot. Translated it means “Can’t died from pushing a wheelbarrow”. (Stop laughing and judging) This is a favourite saying by most parents when their child is meant to do something and they say they can’t. I HATED IT!! But, recently I have so wished my parents, original and expansion pack, would stand behind me and say that.



Something like this woulda been funny as heck!

Being an adult means you become your own support system, your own fan base, your own cheer squad and your own critic. Somehow the support system fails and the fan base becomes non-existent and the cheer squad starts to look like that squad in Waterboy. Flippen awesome movie that!


Waterboy Cheer Leaders

They aint doing jack for my confidence right now… Drinking Jack though.

So the last few months I have been hearing the phrase at least try and I just now realised that it’s a bit of a cop-out isn’t it. Whats that other saying? Rather try and fail than fail to try. Yeah I am all for that, but to me trying is like giving between 40 and 70% effort and hoping that is enough. I don’t know, maybe I am just being negative. Why aren’t we all just Nike fans?


What’s so difficult?

JUST FLIPPEN DO IT! I have reached that place in my life where waking up in the morning is too much of a schlepp… just a friendly warning, don’t ever let yourself reach that place. Its darker than that dark alley you avoid on the way home, also, it’s never ending. Like reaching the back of the bus in Dexter’s Laboratory, you get stuck on gum and meet some hairy dude that has been stealing things with his toenails.


Dexter's Lab

Couldn’t find a pic that shows his toenails. They were gross!

Sigh, oh the good ol’ days when there were quality cartoons.


Cartoon Network

Disney channel got nothing on the original Cartoon Network.

Ah well.




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