Everyone likes puzzles, if you don’t then you had a warped childhood and you need to see a professional in order to get that fixed. I like puzzles… until they don’t want to work anymore. Then I just want to pack it all up and try in a year or 15’s time again. These are usually the over 1000 piece ones and usually the ones with lots of the same hues of colour. So as you can imagine a lot of the pieces would look the same. FRUSTRATING!!!



We want a clear picture, we want to know ok this little piece is gonna go in this approximate area along with these other little pieces. And how often are we soooo sure that THIS piece HAS to go HERE. So we try and force it cos it looks exactly like what we think it should look like.

Not so much

Not so much

Well, this is our lives. We are building the big picture and sooo many times we have situations and experiences that look and sound exactly the same so we try and plonk it all in the same place meanwhile there’s this other place in our hearts and memories where some of them need to go.  Sometimes we try to force our circumstances into what our previous experience has showed us it needs to be, forgetting that we have grown and changed and that it just won’t fit. And as an added bonus we don’t even know what the end picture looks like, we don’t have the cover of the puzzle box to life to have a general idea.

What we do have is faith, hope and love that if we just persist and keep trying then eventually the picture will become clearer. Hope get’s you off the couch and onto the front porch. Hope sees, Faith feels and Love never fails. Surely we can finish the puzzle with those!


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