What is your take on vegetables??

Ron Swanson

Things with faces!

That’s my take…  Yes, some vegetables are great… like potatoes. But honestly I would live on meat and protein if I could. BUT, my love for anything biological has me beat there because you need a healthy balanced diet to be… well… healthy, DUH! And aren’t we all about being healthy? YES… Yes we are (sigh). Chill, this is not a post about some diet or something, it’s just a thought I had. An analogy. Metaphor, for the literate type. Picture, for the non-literary type. 

I read an article once about what foods help with the digestion of other foods in the system.  Turns out that our green sprouty frenemies (veggies) are quite the little helpers. I can’t remember the combinations, but they exist. Veggies and fruit build up the immune system and are packed with vitamins and minerals that are basically the weapons that Immune uses to fight Bacteria, Infection and DEATH in the Great War of the Digestion. So as you can imagine, chowing down on a stick of celery or eating an onion like Shrek, will help. Yes, protein has its hand in the battle also, but as WAY TOO MANY vegetarians will testify, it’s not that important. Protein is like Merry and Pippin in LOTR… they just make the story interesting. 

Merry & Pippin, Lord of the Rings, LOTR

I might be doing a great injustice to them… I will surely here it from die-hard LOTR fans.

Ok, so getting to my analogy/metaphor/picture. I think that God has had me on a spiritual Daniel fast for a LOOOOOOOOOO *breathe* OOOOOOOOOOONG time. Lemme ‘splain to you. You know how you (and by “you” I mean “I”) enjoy meat, and all things meaty? Well I see the meat on the plate as the good stuff of life, sunshine and daisies, hearts and happy songs. So when good stuff happens in my life it’s as if God braai’d up a big juicy Texan steak. But, I think that maybe he has been building up some spiritual vitamins and minerals by giving me fruit and veg as a main dietary option. The meat is there, in the form of mince, mixed with a whole bag of mixed frozen veg over a bowl of rice once a month. (Over exaggeration level: 1000) 

Texan Steak, curry

Texan wins every time!!!

I can’t help but think that something awesome has to be around the corner, cos I have been building spiritual muscle by climbing a huge mountain and getting healthy and detoxing by eating veg all the way.  Surely that makes sense? Cos even in the midst of all the bad stuff, God is still doing a good thing. He is still feeding me, just different stuff. Ok, before you jump up and say that bad things don’t come from God, I KNOW! I am not saying that veggies are bad and I am not saying that the opposite of good in my analogy/metaphor/picture is bad. I am simply saying I think God has an amazing plan… and I pray he will reveal it.


Speak to me!!!!

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