Viva Madiba!!

Its a long post… I know. Suck it up!

Nelson “Madiba (his Xhosa clan name meaning Father)” Mandela died 6 December 2013… Now if you do not know who Madiba is then you seriously need to get your ignorant head out your ignorant… erm nevermind. Here is a short piece of what wikipedia says about him:



Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela  (18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013) was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionarypolitician, and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was South Africa’s first black chief executive, and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election. His government focused on dismantling the legacy of apartheid through tackling institutionalised racism, poverty and inequality, and fostering racial reconciliation.


Yesterday was his memorial service and I have to say I was not very proud of my country. Knowing that the ENTIRE world (well the ENTIRE world with technology) would be looking at South Africa, I was kind of hoping that we would be putting our best feet forward and honour the great man. I was pleased to see so many people go to the FNB Stadium (better known to me as Soccer City) for the service. So many people who honoured Madiba, sitting in the rain.

FNB Stadium, Johannesburg (Raining to suit the mood)

FNB Stadium, Johannesburg (Raining to suit the mood)


The place was packed (granted at the top so the people didn’t get too wet, but still)


But then I was so ashamed that the crowd would BOO their own president, Jacob Zuma, every time the camera showed him on the big screen… Seriously?? They would also make such a noise that they had to be told multiple times to quieten down during some of the tributes. On top of all of that, I get the feeling that most of the spectators only came to see US President Barack Obama give his tribute, as they left in their masses after his speech (which was great – here are a few excerpts



I was following the memorial service via News24 on the net, which is real convenient nowadays. You can read what happened yesterday at the memorial service here. All in all it was probably a great memorial (well as great as memorials get) but I was very sad to see the lack of respect that was shown by our own people. We need some new Mandela’s to rise up cos there are still so many things we need to learn! That being said, lets remember that he was no god, he was only a man. I love my country very much but sometimes I wonder what it will take for us to rise up and play with the big kids in the world instead of throwing tantrums in the sandpit. We can’t keep relying on our sport and bad media to shine some kind of spotlight! Come on people!!

Here is something to lift the spirit, so beautiful!

Also, this is how France paid respects… such feels.

Eifel tower lit up with the South African Flag colour lights! WOW!

Eifel tower lit up with the South African Flag colour lights! WOW!

Some quotes from the great man… 

Nelson Mandela Quotes

Rest in peace, after you brought peace to our great nation, Madiba!


6 thoughts on “Viva Madiba!!

  1. Well said! I was so shocked to hear how our people behaved. Seriously – Mandela is not even in his grave and we are already forgetting what he stood for?

    I really enjoyed Desmond Tutu though, and was so pleased when he reprimanded the crowd – read more here – Two of his quotes stood out to me – “You must show the world that we are disciplined. I want to hear a pin drop.” and “We promise God that we are going to follow the example of Nelson Mandela,”

    Come on people let’s catch a wake up. The real test of what Mandela has done for this country starts now – and it starts with us.

    Someone made a comment about the rain – which was very fitting with everyone’s emotions that were in turmoil on the day – saying that through the rain, God revealed that no man will ever top his glory and power. “HE is the father of our nation, we should live like HE lived, and HE died for our freedom!” – and whilst we mourn Mandela, let’s not forget that there was a ‘bigger HE than he’ who worked in and through Mandela’s life.

    RIP Tata. I hope our country continues to build on what you stood for.

    Thank you Lord for revealing through Madiba, that LOVE is able to overcome.


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