It’s the little things.

“Small things amuses small minds” don’t know who said that but right through school you hear it all the time. But I do believe that the follow-up wittiness incarnated comment “thats why scientists play with atoms” is the best comeback ever.

I mean think about the space around you, EVERYTHING is put together by little things, small things. Your body consists of tiny cells all working together in such beautiful harmony! The desk you sit on, the computer you are reading this from its all a bunch of small things working together. Our ecosystem would be totally out of whack if we removed little Mr Ant, so seemingly insignificant but not really, even Solomon the smartest man to ever live talks about Mr Ant. Have you watched the animated movie Bee? Take the flowers away and we all die! God made it all, He is amused by it all, you saying He has a small mind?! Lawyered!

If you think about it, they are more powerful than humans!

If you think about it, they are more powerful than humans!

I love having little key phrases that people know me by and one of them (that I learnt from Tweegirls) is saying “it’s the little things that matter”. mostly said in a semi-sarcastic manner to a slight over-exaggerated response to a rather childish, no no, child-like, thing. Like coming our of the cinema after watching Despicable Me and screaming IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!!! Or laughing uncontrollably cos you got a bag of your favorite sweets. When people cast that black look that screams GROW UP my way, my first reaction is to stick out my tongue (in my mind), what I actually do is say “it’s the little things that matter”.

Everyone is Minion crazy, I'm still stuck on this!! LOVE IT!

Everyone is Minion crazy, I’m still stuck on this!! LOVE IT!

Surely, having a level 1000 freak-out laughing-till-tears cos of that cat falling off of the table clip on 9gag  is no grounds for judgment, even after watching (and making EVERYONE around you watch) it for the 34th time. Surely your own lack of seeing the little things and finding joy in them shouldn’t lead you to judge others by your own level of lameness??? (Too harsh?  HECK NO) Surely it is the little things that should matter if it is helping us get in touch with our inner child. Jesus said that we need to be like children to enter the Kingdom of God. I’m pretty sure he meant having fun with the little things.  that brings me to what inspired this post in the first place, my niece, who graduated yesterday from pre-primary. She is 6, she is a little thing, she matters MOST! Children carry the future in their untainted little hands, they carry a faith so strong and sure that Jesus said we should have faith like that. They have such a sense of purpose before they the enemy comes and attempts to break them. It’s the little things that matter people!!! We should mould these little things into strong big people of God!

Before you know it, she's graduating university. Watch out, this girl is going places!

Before you know it, she’s graduating university. Watch out, this girl is going places!

What are the little things that you enjoy?


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