*(Fe)cking Iron

A few months ago I started drinking Iron tablets, some people recommended that I do cos even though I had been sleeping enough, eating right and exercising I was still darn tired. Apparently iron makes you less tired. At that stage I was like, sure, iron, I can do that and it truly made a difference. I felt more awake, less irritated or irritable, concentrated more. All round winner.

But then lately my everything has been off… eating habits, exercise habits, lifestyle habits, nun habits (I had to)



At first I couldn’t place exactly why or what it was but then I started realising that I hadn’t taken any supplements. I used to drink Iron tablets as well as a multi-vitamin. The reason for this was I stopped eating breakfast… stuff’s been going on… and I used to take the pills at breakfast. Stress levels had not been helping the last bit either and initially I thought all these things, the fatigue, the headaches, moodiness, emotional whirlwind was because of stress. No!! It wasn’t… you see I don’t stress. I don’t worry much about stuff. Oh when stuff is happening then I’m all in there with the worry and stress, but as soon as they are over then it goes into my meh-box. It’s a blessing and a curse really, I don’t get anything done and I don’t feel bad about it either – Worst recipe for procrastination.

Yikes... let me think about that for the rest of the day...

Yikes… let me think about that for the rest of the day…

Anyway so yesterday (whilst sporting a major headache) I thought to research the causes of fatigue and headaches to see if it could really be because of *(Fe)cking iron and BAM!!!!! there it was. Iron Deficiency Anemia! Up until now I felt invincible, felt like I would never need a doctor, a dentist, a anything. My bones are strong, I am strong, my teeth are good, my health had always been good… NOW I have to go see a Dr to make sure I get the right amounts of *(Fe)cking iron. Oh and before you say it… NO I won’t eat liver no matter how high in iron it is, I am also not Popeye!



PS. Don’t read Redeeming Love whilst on an iron low… or on an emotional roller coaster… or at all for that matter. No, actually you should read it (if you are pro-crying that is) It is one of the best books I’ve read.


*Periodic Table of Elements, FE=Iron… I know, I know. I am smart!


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